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Yes Polska!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Casa Salesiana’s (“Juan Solé” – San Juan Bosco Vocational Training School) in Cartagena project named “Yes Polska!” is directed towards students from different specialties of the Intermediate Vocational Training Cycle provided by our school: - Administrative Management - Automatic and Electrical Installations - Telecommunication Installations - Welding and Boiler-making, Vehicle Electro –mechanics The project will be developed in Poland in a Silesian city Ustroń in partnership with VET School ZDZ which will be responsible for searching in its wide network of companies host companies best matching the professional profile of our students. The collaboration between ZDZ in Ustroń and Casa Salesiana in Cartagena began thanks to the excellent references received from other Spanish VET centers who have already worked with ZDZ. The project is expected to last 24 months covering two mobility periods. The first mobility will be organized in 2015 -2016 academic year and the second one 2016 – 2017. - The fist mobility programme will include 12 second – year students and it will be carried out between March and April in 2016. - The second mobility programme will also include 12 second – year students and it will be carried out between March and April in 2017. The traineeship will last one month in order to provide students with the best opportunities to improve their professional skills through working in European companies. This traineeship period will cover a part of an obligatory training in work place, the final module consisting of three months necessary to obtain a diploma. As a result of “Yes Polska!” initiative our students will be able to carry out one month of obligatory training in work place in Poland and the other two month in a Spanish company in Cartagena or nearby cities. As it has beeb already mentioned, our partner from Poland collaborates with an extensive network of local companies. ZDZ VET School together with Casa Salesiana from Cartagena will be responsible for choosing the companies that will suit the professional profile of our students as well as the educational program implemented in our school. Moreover, our Polish partner will assign a tuto, who together with the host company tutor, will be in charge of monitoring the compliance with previously agreed learning agreement. “Yes Polska!” project is aimed at achieving the following goals: - Improving linguistic skills for both students and teaching staff. - Increasing the competiveness of our students in labour market. - Taking significant steps in enhancing the training programme in our VET school, especially in case of the Intermediate Vocational Training cycle, but at the same time achieving positive impact on every student. - Bringing our needs more into line with the European reality through the acquisition of European experiences. - Broadening the network of contacts with European VET schools and companies. - Recognition of the traineeship carried out in a European country. - Promoting of religious and cultural tolerance as well as gender equality. - Strengthening the Europeanness.



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