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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project emerges from the reality that our institution has some weaknesses in management, using different, efficient and effective teaching methods, materials and tools. Our final target, in this project, is to take responsibility in the struggle with early school leavings and to succeed in this, our sub-goals are; * improve the institutional performance align with the European dimension of education, * have more school staff joining in national and international projects and to ensure those projects' sustainibility & implementation into school development plan. * Thanks to the updated knowledge and skills of the course participants, every single student will have the chance of joining an activity that suits their taste. As satisfied and more self-esteemed individuals, the students won't think of early school leaving. *A club called "English Through Technology" will be created with the students at school. *The participant teachers will present a sample lesson to their collagues to enable them to use digital and technical devices beneficially during the lesson. * To enable the students to prepare and present their works, a seminar named "the preparation and presentation skills of a project" will be held so as to make the students represent their works in the class or in a workshop. * To encourage creativite thinking of students a club called " Creative and critical communicative skills" will be established. *In cooperation with the students, to prepare 3D materials, English vocabulary cards and posters to use in the lesson and set up an archieve by collecting all of these works. * A play that will be prepared by Creative and Critical Communicative Skills Club which will be set up after getting back from the courses will be put on stage. * Having a videoconference session with our partners in our current Strategic Partnership project in order to exchange cultural information. Profile of the team who will attend the courses and carry out the project as below: * 4 English Teachers During the project period, an eclectic, student-oriented, communicative, problem-based, scientific, and process-focused approach will be followed. Moreover, an audit commission that will involve the chiefs of departments will be constituted in order to provide the effectiveness and sustainibility of the project by checking the activities that will be held by the participants.