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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES OF PROJECT; Our project comprises School Education Staff Mobility. It’s a part of European Development Plan. We attended an Erasmus + informing meeting then our school's needs were specified by questionnaires and meetings . Our needs consist of three main articles. *The proper use of tablets as the tool of teaching and learning in the classroom *The methodology of English for teachers of English *English for teachers NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS; Our course participants are one admınıstration member and thirteen teachers. A commission was formed by four teachers under the presidency of school director.The main lines of the project were determined and the participants were chosen fairly . The paticipants consisted of both teachers of English and other teachers.The experience in their fields and their motivation, their willingness to improve their foreign languae ability, goals for mobility, willingness to share their experience about the project were general criteria for their selection. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES; Before applying for the Project a European Development Plan which contain our staff and school’s needs,objectives and what to do about themwas developed.The following activities are providing information and asssistance to staff,selection of staff,preparation of mobility agreement and tool,recognition of learning outcomes and reporting. METHODOLOGY: We have a project management plan.Several methods are used according to this plan with the subtitles preparation,implementation of the activities and follow up.These are; *Agree precise specification for the project- Project aims, outputs, sources, participants, budgets and scheduling and timescales *Preparing Mobility Project(Preparing European Development Project,informing the staff about mobility,selection of participants,activities , agreements with partners and participants,using suitable project manegement tools) *Communicate the project plan to your project team and possible stakeholders ( infor suppo) *Supporting Mobility Project(Linguistic/intercultural/task-related preparations of participants before departure) *Implementation of Mobility Activities(Attandance to the activities,connection with media.etc) *Follow-up(Including the evaluation of the activities and the dissemination and use of project’s outcomes) PREDICTED EFFECTS AND RESULTS: Some positive changes predicted on participants,institutions and target audience: The Effects on Instutions and Association: Promotion of EU’s broad linguistic diversity, Cultivating cross-cultural awareness, having ability of using technology efficient, using English as common language, Integration of universal knowledge to the institution,developing new modern education methods and materials in the institution, using innovative and learner-centered pedagogical approaches,promoting stronger coherence between different European Union. Effects on Target Audience: Devoloping basic and transversal skills, such as digital skills and multilingualism in te field of education, promoting active participation in class, providing development in the institution and internationalism. We are going to use many diferrent ways to acquire these impacts on as many people as possible by disseminating and exploiting the project outcomes. These ways include; *The EU's dissemination platform *Project or organisational websites *Meeting and visits to key stakeholders *Workshops,seminars,training courses, exhibitions, demonstration, peer reviews, social media, public events *Existing contracts and networks. These points are thought to contribute to the social and universal development in a long term . Longer Term Benefits: As well as raising the profile of our school,dissemination and exploitation activities will create new opportunities to extend the project and its results ,develop new partnerships for the future or lead to external recognition of the work and add further credit to it. Sharing the results will enable others to benefit from the activities and experiences of the Erasmus + Programme.Project results will serve as examples and inspire others to participate in this new EU programme. Dissemination and exploitation of project results will also support the aim of improving the European Union’s system and help to achieve a return on investment by reaching out to as many potential users as possible