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YEAY: Youth workers Engage All Youngsters
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Youth workers Engage All Youngsters” started from the need to better prepare youth workers in order to help young people get involved in Erasmus+ projects. The project is coordinated by IEEN (CY) and 6 more partners are involved: Halk Egitim Merkezi (Tur), Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Niemozliwych "Motyka" (Pl), Escola de Cinema RIU RAU (Sp), Groep INTRO vzw (Bel), ASK Yourself (Ro) and (Cz). The 7 partners identified the following 3 objectives: 1) At the end of the project, the 28 participants will gain more knowledge about what are young people (13-30) needs, what their desires are, how they can be motivated and attracted to participate in more voluntary activities. 2) At the end of the project, the 28 participants will gain more skills how to build attractive messages for young people, how to use the internet to attract young people, how to use methods based on non-formal education in order to attract more young people in their activities, how to make a needs research, how to better communicate with young people and the use of assertive communication. 3) At the end of the project, the 28 participants will understand better the young people needs, their way of thinking and their desires; they will also be more emphatic regarding young people and willing to focus their work on encouraging young people to be more actively involved in the society, they will have fewer prejudices and stereotypes about young people way of acting and thinking. All the 28 participants are youth workers over 18 with less or much experience but with determination, motivation and enthusiasm to share their knowledge with others and young people. Half of the participants (14) face some kind of economic, geographical, cultural or social obstacles and through our TC they will get the opportunity to gain more confidence and develop their personal skills in order to become more valuable youth workers. The main activities of the TC were formed in order to meet the 3 objectives of the project. An important role in the TC has the visit at the school where the youth workers can interact with young people and as a result find out their needs and desires. Throughout the TC, there will be a combination of methods and activities of formal and non-formal education, such as team-work presentations and statistics and team-building activities and role-playing respectively. The participants will not only gain more knowledge through these activities but also they will bring them more close to each other. Thus, the participants will get the opportunity to discover each other’s cultures and uniqueness. The persons who will guide the participants along the way are two experienced trainers from Romanian and Cyprus. They will combine the non-formal educational methods with formal and informal methods, making sure that participants are engaged in all activities and have enough time for reflection. We expect that the TC will have at first direct impact on the participants and the target groups. In particular, the participants will have a better idea of the needs of young people and develop their skills and abilities about approaching and communicating with youth. Also, young people will gain important knowledge about Erasmus+ opportunities giving them the opportunity to become volunteers and active citizens. An important product of the TC will be a blog where youth workers and young people will be advised to share their experience about the TC but also about any ideas they have for a project. Finally, the visibility of our TC will be strengthened by the creation of professional photos and videos throughout the project which will be posted and shared online. Through photos and videos, we will send the message that Erasmus+ projects can be the best place to get training and meet new people from Europe.



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