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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "YEA! NETWORK: Youth Entrepreneurs in Action” project has been promoted by the DIAGONAL SPAIN ASSOCIATION with the participation as partners of BRIGADE DO MAR (Portugal) and Monopatia ALLILEGGIIS (Greece). The Diagonal Association Spain is committed to promoting the professional development of young people, and together with its partners we have identified the training needs of this group. This project has given the opportunity for these young workers in the field of youth training in this area, gain skills and gain knowledge through practice, carrying out an initiative of dissemination of youth entrepreneurship. The theme to which falls the project is the entrepreneurship in sustainable tourism, since it is intended to promote this sector in the localities of the partner organizations. The project objectives are: O1. Improve the skills of workers in the field of youth and promote their professional development, training them in youth entrepreneurship linked to sustainable tourism. O2. Improve foreign language skills of the participants, mainly through mobility experiences. O3. Create networking, learning and international work among participants and between partner organizations. O4. Encourage the use of new technologies in the learning process, knowledge exchange between participants and the development and dissemination of projects. O5. Facilitate the transition between formal education and improving employment or entrepreneurship. O6. Promoting entrepreneurship among young people in the participating regions, aimed at contributing to the economic development of their communities through sustainable tourism initiatives. To achieve the proposed objectives have designed the following activities: CONTACT EVENT makers and youth workers of the organizations met to define in detail all both logistical issues and content of the following activities proposed in this project. TRAINING COURSE IN SPAIN: Contained in: entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable tourism and promotion of youth entrepreneurship. Successful experiences of the Regions will be analyzed considering that they refer to different contexts. The training was carried out with a participatory methodology, supported by the new technologies, and encouraged the work in network through the same. VISIT OF IMPLEMENTATION IN SPAIN: A group of working with people of the three partner organizations organized a fair of promotion of youth entrepreneurship in the sustainable tourism sector that took place in Loja. We believe that it has contributed a result of quality learning for participants and improving competencies mainly transverse. The learning is not paralyzed in the course of training, if not that has continued through the creation of networks of contacts and international work. In particular from DIAGONAL ESPAÑA we are mentoring an enterprising initiative in the tourism sector which is putting into practice some participants of the project in the municipality of Granada. The benefits of the project will check with the professional development of the participants, among young people who can advise, and in their own regions with the momentum of indirect form of the development of business related to sustainable tourism.



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