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YE / YW - Entrepreneurship: Tool for Social Development
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe is facing a difficult situation in terms of social and economic problems, unemployment, disaffection, migrant crisis, etc., being young people particularly affected, being even tougher the situation for young people with fewer opportunities. They must also fight against social, economic and geographical obstacles, as well as educational difficulties, cultural differences and/or disabilities. One possibility for them is represented by the development and implementation of social entrepreneurship projects that, based on democratic, participatory and social justice oriented principles, solve a social goal of common interest. In our job as youth workers It’s very important to motivate young people, to foster their positive attitudes, to develop their key competences, especially “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” and “learning to learn”.For this reason, 7 organisations from different countries (Spain, Norway, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey), we want to exchange our knowledge and best practices, as well as creating, testing and evaluating new tools and learning games, about youth social entrepreneurship. The main objectives of our project are:-To analyse and raise awareness about benefits, strengths and weakness of social entrepreneurship activities developed by young people.-To develop key competences of participants in order to motivate young people with fewer opportunities to create their own projects.-To exchange good practices between organizations to develop new educational tools or strategies to improve the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in social enterprise. -To create and put into practice new tools for motivating young people to turn their ideas into action and carry out social entrepreneurship activities and/or projects. The project has two main activities: a Training Course and a Youth Exchange. -A1: Training Course in Málaga (Spain) from the 17th to the 23th of October 2016. Three participants for each organization, among them: two professionals in the field of youth and one young people with fewer opportunities. One trainer is coming from Norway (Sveio Kommune) and another one from Spain (AIIJ), together with two facilitators from the same organization. Total= 22 participants. -A2: Youth Exchange in Sveio (Norway) from from the 22nd to the 28th of May 2017. Four young people + one group leader coming from each country. Total= 30 participants. One of the participants of the Youth Exchange must be one of the participants of the Training Course and at least three of the participants for each delegation belong to the European definition of “young people with fewer opportunities”.As the project is based on the framework of non-formal education, content will be worked on a dynamic and funny way, it’s a “learning by doing” wher trainers or group leaders give some inputs, but the knowledge will come from the own knowledge and shared experiences of the participants, though small groups activities, rol-playings, dynamics, learning games, etc. The main impact of this project will be on direct participants because we want to develop their key competences and produce an impact on a personal and, especially, professional level. For participants who are professionals of the youth field: provide them with new task-related competences that will be useful in developing a more effective and successful work with young people with fewer opportunities.For young people with fewer opportunities: provide them with new competences, especially focusing on “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” and “learning to learn”. We want to motivate them to create their own projects, to participate in social enterprise, to have ideas and put it into practice, as well as being the protagonist of their personal and professional development. Because of the new acquired/improved competences by the youth workers, we believe that also participating organizations can receive a big impact from this project because participants will share the results, adapt and implement it in their daily work as well as having a more open and European mind. These new tools and recourses are focused on improving the sense of initiative of young people in order to set up social entrepreneurship activities and/or projects, so also the society in general can receive an impact of the project. Moreover they will disseminate their experience and becoming multiplier agents of the project among their peers. Finally, we will create a video and a digital publication with the good practices, strageties, resources and tools exchanged and/or created and tested during the project. All these products can be used in other activities in the future.



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