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YE-sun rise
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SUN RISE has a double meaning. The first is the sunlight that is almost present all day in Overhalla midsummer. We will celebrate ST. HANS, it’s midsummer June 22. The second meaning of SUN RISE is that young people may have a need that "the sun rises". Using the sun as a symbol of hope for a better / brighter future. The partner groups will work with problems before they get to Overhalla. Theme of work: challenges to education, environment and labour. With seven active days, the project will be divided into various phases. Become familiar phase, activity phase, theme phase and evaluation. Programme days are 21 of June to 29 of June 2015. Specification of working topic: What are the hopes and wishes of the young generation nowadays? How do they see their future? Optimistic/pessimistic? Why? Can they change something to get a better/brighter future? Where to start?: In your local environment/town. What are challenges for youngsters in the particular countries? Do they have specific fears in terms of their future? Help/ for orientation: This could concern themes of education – are they satisfied with their schooling system, do they learn about issues they are interested in, what about teaching practice (more teacher-centered teaching or learning in groups through team work and discussions). How should a school be to satisfy the youngsters? Is it easy to get access to higher education (college, university,…). Is it expensive to go to university? Do they need good grades to get permission to take their favourite studies? Work opportunities – is there a greater risk of unemployment in their countries? Mobility: Do the youngsters have plans/wishes to go abroad to get new experiences? Is it easy to do so? What may be challenges here? Environment: Are there some environmental issues the youngsters are worrying about? (pollution, climate change, loss of important ressources)



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