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YE Sending Hope 2
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

YE will include 25 participants and leaders from Slovenia , Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania that would be creating postcards on the theme of raising awareness for human rights and social inclusion of minority groups, and raising awareness for their inclusion in everyday life. The participants we expect to have would be comprised of mixed groups including Roma people and young people with fewer opportunities that would have the opportunity to express their ideas on the theme in a creative way-by creating postcards that would be further on be sent to the participant’s national governments and European Union and European Commission officials and media and municipalities as a reminder that working with social inclusion of minorities should continue in future, and solutions for their inclusion should not be only written in laws but practiced around Europe. The project will be held from 01-08 April 2016 in Struga, Macedonia, lasting 8 days.The theme of this project is promotion of social inclusions and European awareness through creation of Postcards and expression of participant’s views via Postcards. The basic objective of the project however is to bring together young people from different countries of Europe and give them the possibility to introduce each other on their perspectives of youth unemployment and poverty; diverse cultures of each of the participating countries and more importantly give them the possibility to express themselves by drawing on postcards and creating postcard messages on these issues. The participants will have the opportunity to present their national realities and at the same time to learn about the situations in the countries of their friends. This process of intercultural learning will result in greater appreciation of the foreign cultures and better understanding and cooperation among the participating countries.The main objective of this youth exchange is focusing on the perception of social exclusion and solutions for inclusion in Europe by the youngsters of the different countries, giving a possibility to discuss on this topic and more importantly express their views and standpoints trough creation of postcards. We will initiate a process of intercultural learning and dialogue and trough a careful facilitation the participants will be guided on how to find similarities among these cultures and ways of life, and with that to create a perception towards these diversities as richness of Europe, not as a point of division. As our topic is creation of Postcards, the exchange of ideas and believes will be deeper, because drawings can explain a lot about people’s mentality. Moreover, working together will encourage not only intercultural understanding, but tolerance as well. Also, we believe that we will find not only differences, but a lot similarities as well that will help us to work together.Preparing to present their postcards to the local community, youngsters will learn more about their culture and will try to put it in word they may find interesting details that might be new even for them. In this way some cultural things that have a tendency to be forgotten will be learned. With this project we are directly targeting the main priorities of the Erasmus + programme of social inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities for accessing society services, and the priority of raising European awareness for belonging to the European culture as a whole and employability as a way of inclusion.



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