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YE - Partner Countries -Tell a Different Story
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Tell a Different Story” is a chain of 2 youth exchanges held in Tbilisi, Georgia and Trysil, Norway during the period of June- October 2016. Project brings together 30 youngsters from the following countries: Norway, Georgia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia and Azerbaijan in order to explore the topic of active citizenship through using media and multimedia tools. Project aims to increase youth participation among its participants and make them active citizens in their communities through equipping them with media & multimedia tools of self expression, specifically photography, and raising awareness on using social media as a powerful tool for self expression and voicing their message.Project sets the following objectives:-To discuss and reflect on the issue of active citizenship among young people in order to fully realize its’ profits and values. - To boost participants positive attitude towards being active and expressing themselves in political, social and cultural issues in their communities. - Equip young people with artistic multimedia tools to express themselves and promote photography as a tool for this. - To increase participants’ media literacy, provide the awareness and raise the accessibility with the alternative “fair media” sources. - To provide better understanding of using social media as a powerful tool of self expression. - To boost participants self-confidence and entrepreneurial competence through involving them into planning, implementing and evaluating the public exhibition of their works. - To create concrete results, specifically a booklet based on the experience of the project, which would spread the outcome of it and make it accessible for wide range of relevant stakeholders. - To foster mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, support the value of intercultural learning among the youngsters from different parts of Europe.The first activity is more focused on providing the knowledge, skills and attitudes on the project topic, while the 2nd activity is more practical, including the public photo exhibition, and targets more on internalizing the previous learning and making it more solid through practice.The project also targets at creating the concrete outcomes, namely a booklet on the topic of active citizenship designed by the participants.



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