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Yaygın eğitimin önemi ve yaygın eğitimle kazanılan bilgi ve becerilerin tanınması
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the emergence of concepts such as Lifelong Education, Lifelong Learning, Adult Education, Continuing Education has led to increase in importance of Public Education Centers in the education system. In almost all countries developed or developing, public education is considered as a sub-sytem in the education system. Today, the initiatives to meet the educational needs of communities and individuals have become so prevalent in public education that it is extremely important not only social, economically but also culturally to provide adult population with public education services which are organized at national level and well supported. In the future with the developments in science and technology , non formal education programs must meet the needs of individuals with services which compatible with thought systems integrated with technology.Therefore, the revision of non formal education programs in conjunction with the changing educational models, it seems to be a necessity to design new goals and contents. However, formal education which is given in schools can not be limited to those taught in schools since education is a lifelong process. So, it is increasingly accepted that the educational activities should be regulated with this intellection. With regard to overall emphasis on lifelong learning and the value of adult education in a society, our main objective in the project is to get to know the practises related to non formal education of adults carried out in various countries and recognition and validation of skills and knowledge acquired through non formal education. This kind of exchange not only provides introducing what we do in our country in this specific field, but also gives the educational staff the opportunity to learn about what is done for adult education in other countries. This project aims to provide the teachers in the institution with the opportunity to share knowledge and experience in the field of adult education through the training events. The project aims to be conducted with educational staff who work in adult education in Turkey. 35 teachers are going to visit four countries and receive an organized training regarding to adult education services in those countries. The teachers are enthusiastic about improving their teaching through the experience they gain in these programs. The educational staff is given the equal opportunity to participate in the events. The countries included in the project will be visited in a group of 10 teachers in each turn except England which is planned to be visited by 5 teachers in accordance with our specific aim related to language skills. It is planned that the educational staff will visit the instutions which provide systematic training to the adults as well as inform the teachers about the system in their country. The project also aims to introduce the adult education in Turkey. It is hoped that interactive programs and discussions among teachers will have positive effects on teachers’ methodology. The training events will be shaped by the specific needs of the educational staff participating from our institution. Since this is an invaluable opportunity for the educational staff in the centre, the project will enable to share information through systematic reports and meetings. Given the highly motivated education staff, as well as the adults who are the final and most important beneficiary of the present project, these training events are expected to have very positive effects on the education provided in our institution.



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