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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European countries are developed and take high quality, professional and totalitarian care about practises including patient and old care services.Europe is developed especially for neurologic patient care because of old age. However;there is whether lack of association and managing business for neurologic patients’ care or scarcity of capable human power in our country. Our country needs experienced productive power superior quality in this sector and business departments for them. It is aimed for the participant group to learn the care of neurologic patients in old ageand medical treatment process in this project. İt is also aimed for the participants to be trained as a profession member ,having a certificate and self confidence ,preventing the needs of this sector,following technological developments about Professional process and taking measures for their health and labor security. The participants are the students taking basic professional education. The education department of the participants is the patient and old services department. In the Project,there are 24 girl students in the 10th and 11th classes of Professional education.The students have professional knowledge and accumulation. The activities on the extent of the Project: ELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS AND INFORMING THEM Informing of the participants and doing their election according to the criterians of the Project PREPARATIONS: These are linguistic , pedagogic,cultural and professional education of the participants.These educations will be done before the activity and aimed at acquiring knowledge ,talent and motivation. It also includes different kinds of tours. THE ACTİVİTY : 24 participants and 4 companion teachers wiil take place in this activity in Denmark. Practising studies will be done in the associations connected to SOSU C . The activity will be arranged for totaly 20 days including, 120 hours programme and 8 hours programme for a day. DISSEMINATION The Works of disseminations will be done by İclal Ekenler Girl Technical and Professional High School. In the dissemination,professional education students and teachers ,the families, sector members, sector representatives ,region people ,public institution authorities and the accrediteds are determined as a target group. The documents of disseminations will be prepared by the Project managing team for the disseminations activities.The documents will also be prepared virtually. The experiences in the activity ,the education and practise contents, cultural activities, the memories and linguıstic experiences will be mentioned in these documents. The participants will take place in the dissemination works. The methodology while carrying on the Project: Theprinciples of the transparency, the justice, the clearness for explanations, the openness, the consistency, being honest will be used while studying on the Project. THE RESULTS AND EFFECTS OF THE PROJECT: The participants will be able to give the patient and old care duties,will be people, having technical and theoretical knowledge and self confident people ,using hygienic and medical rules, having business experience and responsibility,practising the standarts,knowing the security rules and having a certificate.And also they will learn the european citizens and have the foreign language experience. The capacity ,the ability of acting ,the ability of analysis ,the aware of associations, the co_operation and the integration with AB will increase. THE PROBABLE ADVANTAGES OF THE PROJECT: The Project will provide the individuals to be succesfull in their professional lives in a long term. It will provide them to find a job easily.It will increase their Professional pleasure.Their point of vıew to the life and their occupation will change in a positive way.Their usage of foreign language will also increase. İclal Ekenler Girl Technical and Professional High School will have institutional developments. The quality of the school will increase as it is known with its’works.In a long term,they will apply for the national and nternational projects with the increase of the Project practise. In our country,the quality of the services in patient and old care are wil increase by educating qualified members. In the future ,it will be provided help to remove the need of human power in this sector by increasing the number of the old people. Happy patients and happy society will compose by not breaking off their communıcation between the patients and the society.



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