Rechercher des projets européens

Yaratıcılığı Geliştirme Yöntemleriyle Eğitim-Öğretimde Farklı Bakış Yaratma
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our vision is to become a leading school with leader manager, participative parents, developing teacher and researcher students. Our mission is to raise esteemed individuals that are to render honourable and successful service to homeland and Turkish Nation by providing contemporary and qualified training to the students and society on a love and respect environment. As school administrators, school development plans have been formed within the school’s quality development strategies to improve our vision and mission that we have determined for the school. Within the frame of the plans, the year 2014-2015 "Öğrencilere Özgüven Kazandırmada Öğretmenlerin Rolünün AB Düzeyinde İncelenmesi" (The Investigation of the Role of Teachers Gaining self-confidence in students in the EU Level) National Agency Project was carried out effectively and advancement has been performed on the quality level of our teachers and school. As the school, we are here to provide; the students learning, to develop creative skills, to strengthen their self-esteem that we provided, to raise individuals who make things right, judge, search and communicate healthily, and to provide skills in the 21st century that our devoloping counrty requires; manager, scientist, and other professions requirements. As well as having shortcomings in order to reach our goals in an easier and healthier way, we have prepared plans that is to fulfil the needs regarding the activities. We will have made a progress to our vision through the trainings that we are to receive and the activites that we are to perform. We have prepared the project themed as a result of SWOT analysis to enhance creative feelings of the teacher/students (developing creativity methods creating different perspectives on education) - Methods of Improving motivation and teamwork practices, - Teamwork practices, - Conflict and violonce management, - Effective communication and persuasion methods, - Occupational guidance, - Knowing individual characteristics on guidance counselling, - Adolescent growth and social psychology - Building educational materials with Visual, Audio-lingual tools, - Student motivation It is expected to observe the school’s infrastructure, conditions, curriculum and practices on-site to enhance their creativity and to receive training regarding time management and so on at school. It is our main goals to practise our gains at the school and to remove problem that we realise in education/teaching and to strenghten the issues that we are supposed to head towards more excellence. The participant teachers are ranging from 25 to 45. They have never participated in such a project and are selected among individuals who need to receive education regarding the issues that we have determined.The participants have intermediate level of English. The selection criteria of participants is understanding the project needs well and to be able to express the added value that is to contribute to career development of their own. The language competence skills of the teachers is an efficient critearia of selection. Before activity, courses for cultural training and language skills will be provided to participants to faciliate the adaptation of the country the participants are to go. It is aimed at students to strenghten their creative emotions, increase school involvement, start school happily, increase school success, reduce school absenteeism and especially prevent school drop outs Along with ensuring the creative feelings of the students they will be more successful in the course of live. Thus our the school will gain the characteristic of being leader school in the city. The teachers will experience the pride of working in a quality school and work more actively. In conjuction with the teachers are trained constantly they will reach to condition level that can compete with EU countries. It is our goal to raise respectful and affectionate individuals with the project we have managed before the project we prepared now and the projects that we will start. 4 participants will be in Germany during two weeks in the fields of effective communication and persuasion methods 4 participants in Holland with a duration of two weeks in the fields of adolescent growth and social psychology, 4 participants in Holland with a duration of two weeks in the fields of time and stress management, 4 participants in Spain with a duration of two weeks in the fields of increasing motivation,