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(Y)our Right for Peace!, Training for young leaders on human rights and peace education
Date du début: 28 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

(Y)our Right for Peace!, Training for young leaders on human rights and peace education is a training course, 8 days long, held in Poggio Mirteto (RI), Italy from 15 to 22 of May 2015. It actively involved 30 youth leaders, peer educators, volunteers active at local and international level trainers and support staff from Italy, Hungary, Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and Belgium. The themes of the project were to develop a new awareness on the fundamental human rights and on the importance to build up non violent communication processes, both at European and at extra European level. The project successfully provided the involved participants with new interactive tools to manage international groups taking part in short term voluntary service projects. In order to achieve this, the training had specific focus on the different working methods that can be used, within the non formal education framework, to train youth leaders, peer educators and active volunteers on group dynamics, active participation, learning assessment and conflict management. The training has been a useful tool to promote the development of new empowerment processes targeted to the international organizations involved, so to enhance the grass-rooted impact of their actions and to involve a bigger amount of beneficiaries. During the training two interactive workshops were realized, the first named “Non formal education” aimed to deepen the concepts of group dynamics, the prejudices and stereotypes, the creation of intercultural learning processes, to manage the potential conflicts that might raise within a group and to transmit the knowledge acquired. The second workshop, “HUMAN RIGHTS & PEACE EDUCATION”, aimed to develop the thematic topics of the training (active citizenship, voluntary service, human right and peace education). During the training we used an interactive methodology, based on the principles of non formal education, where the different techniques were used to stimulate the interaction among participants and to facilitate their active learning. At the end of the training course the final event was realized: the international participants prepared and run 1 day of non formal education activities on active citizenship, human right and peace education as trainers and facilitators for Italian participants, future coordinators of international short term voluntary projects. After the training course, the participants and the pool of trainers continued to work together on the realization and editing of a toolkit to present the experience. The tool kit, now available in .pdf and online, as well as the video tool uploaded on youtube has to be considered a didactic package to approach Human Rights from different perspectives. All the materials are open and available on:



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