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Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Y-Mocracy is a project strongly organized by Genç Demokratlar (Youth Democrats) from Turkey.Promoter countries are Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Italy, Spain, Macedonia and Poland .Aims of the projects are to discuss about the participation of young people in democratic life, to find problems and difficulties they have in taking part in the democratic process from the local to the international level. Public bodies from local will send some participants (as well as NGOs) and some experts that will contribute to the discussion. Y-Mocracy activities are divided in three main parts, conducted with the support of non formal education method and based on group activities, simulation of democratic process, exchange of experiences and public debates. Language adopted for each activities will be English. Main Activities Main activities will take place in Mersin (Turkey) between 26th of October - 31th of October 2015 Particularly the seminar intend to create a guide of best practices and debate on these themes: - Democracy for Youth - How can young people take part in democratic process? - What's missing to involve young people in Democracy life of EU (from local to international)? The participants to the seminar are young people, youth leaders, young administrators and experts sent by project partners involved for a total of 35 participants (30 participants and 2 trainer,1 facilitatior,2 staff person). An expert on EU democratic processes (from Mersin Youth Parliment) will join the activity too for one day.



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