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"Wypracowanie schematu szkoleń, procedur medycznych i standardów operacyjnych w ginekologii onkologicznej"
Date du début: 31 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Improving employees skills and developing the standards of teamwork - standardized and multidisciplinary training program for the surgery and oncology wards staff” is meant to create a training schema , standards of work and medical procedures in the area of gynaecological oncology in the Copernicus Memorial Hosptal in opernicus in Lodz. This hospital is the most specialized medical center in the region, in its structure is the only oncology center in the region . The Regional Cancer Center is the only oncology center in the region - its able to provide the patient with comprehensive treatment from the first contact in the the outpatient clinic , through highly specialized diagnostics , to the process of treatment and hospitalization. The aim of the project is to improve the competence of medical staff in a narrow specialization , that is the Gynaecology and Oncology . Department of gynaecology oncology is one of the newest wards in the hospital - was founded in 2011, thats why it is so important to know labor standards and work schemas of European experienced centers. During the implementation of previous projects of exchanging of experiences , the applicant pointed out that training systems in more advanced countries of the European Union differ significantly from methods used in Poland. They are much more effective due to their standardizing , frequency, regularity , the use of multimedia techniques for communication and competence of trainers . Accordingly , the Applicant tied up partnerships with advanced Western European centers of similar medical activities (Netherlands , Italy ) in order to exchange experiences during weekly visits by persons associated with professional training in the area of gynecological oncology . These activities will contribute to the development of efficient methods of work and training schemes that guarantee to provide therapy at the highest level . Thanks to international experience of knowledge exchanging will be developed products such a training schema to increase skills of staff associated with the oncology treatment and general training in hospital. For optimum and efficient use of modern infrastructure its necessary to develop effective training methods to guarantee the operation of the patient and the effects of treatment at the highest level . It is a fact that with the development of technology the most important thing in patient care is the staff professionalism . Therefore, it is necessary to complete the training schema for trainers from the region of gynecologic oncology. This will be achieved by increasing the skills of staff and the use of new training techniques and increasing knowledge about the therapeutic and operational techniques used in Western Europe. The results of the project are specialized knowledge about therapeutic techniques and operational procedures and innovative modern medical equipment, more effective and more efficient system of patient care. The participants of the project is three-man team of specialists in the field of oncology and gynecology responsible for training in Copernicus Memorial Hospital in Lodz. These people will take part in two week internships - knowledge exchange experiments in two advanced Western European medical centers with similar profiles of activity. On the basis of their experience they will develop training materials in the form of presentation. The project is a continuation of a long-term strategy of international staff education in Hospital . Previous experience of record exchanges and internships prove that such actions bring invaluable benefits not only for the participants but also the hospital , its patients and other target groups . The knowledge based on the experience of more experienced and advanced centers is impossible to gain in the national training courses . Implemented as part of the project training schemes and procedures will have an extremely high standard substantive . The project participants will gain valuable new professional contacts , and their knowledge and skills will increase . The project will start the opportunity to consult on difficult cases in the field of gynecologic oncology with partners and enable the realization of joint projects, such as conferences and seminars. It is also important, that all activities related to increasing the competence of medical personnel associated with the quality of medical services in the healthcare system , improves the health status of the population.


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