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Wspólna sprawa - wspólny głos.
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Wspólna sprawa - wspólny głos" prepared based on the findings of our previous youth projects, and taking into account low participation of young people in the process of shaping the issues relevant to local communities they live in. Our goal is to raise the quality of dialogue between young people and representatives of local governments through an increase in the competence of youth and the joint development of communication channels. 240 people participated in the project, from more than six municipalities from our region. During the project preparation stage and realization we worked with local student councils and secondary schools and junior high schools in the region. We gathered comments and opinions from local authorities from several towns and we cooperated with the Marshal Office. While realizing our objectives, with leading role of young people, we organized a series of youth seminars - 6 local and 2 regional (the second regional seminar with representatives of the Youth Regional Council). These activities supported young people in identifying their expectations and planning methods of their implementation, and also affected on the establishment of structured dialogue with policy-makers and representatives of local and regional authorities responsible for youth policy. Through a series of meetings of young people with decision-makers in municipalities, we increased the importance of the voice of young people in decision-making, and established a permanent dialogue with young people as part of the development and implementation of youth policies. Youth had the chance to express their expectations and establish a dialogue at regional level during the cooperation with the Youth Regional Council. Past experience shows that young people are expecting support while using skills learned in practice and in dealing with the local government. They need space to express their needs and count on active listening and respecting their voice by adults. Construction of communication channels, the possibility of meetings and discussions with decision makers in the local environment, the rise of youth advisory groups and the creation of Youth Councils give a chance for strong and open dialogue where young people play active role. Their commitment and constructive observation of their environment shows that they are ready for action and influence decision making. Through our joint project we encouraged them to do so. It positively influenced the perception of the role of youth in creating youth policies and encouraged local authorities to maintain a dialogue after the completion of the project. In the longer term, we plan to support those groups that we already created and will promote the idea in other parts of the region. The project lasted 12 months (from August 2015 to July 2016).