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World without border
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "World without borders" focuses on the impact that incoming volunteers can have on the local community and the volunteer him/herself. Each person can make difference in this world and we hope that through their voluntary activity the participants will impact the lives of the people they meet and their own in the process. The activities planned for this project focuses on working with people, to communicate, empathize, to work through differences and various barriers the some of the people using the services of the host placements face. The volunteers will learn to work with various groups, find meaning and joy in the tasks they take on.The aim is that the volunteers integrate into the community through the host placements and various other activities offered by the co-ordinating organisation AUS. This cultivates the skills of each volunteer to the benefit of the community he/she works for. As this is a 12 months long term EVS project the volunteers will undoubtedly enrich the communities they serve and have a positive impact on their own development and the people they work with. The volunteers for these projects have not been chosen, but several very eligible candidates have applied. They all seem to be very open to a new culture, are willing to integrate and interested in the work of the host placement they applied for. We foresee that the main impact will be on the volunteers themselves and the people they work with through their host placements, the Red Cross in Reykjavík. When partaking in a long term project like this you will touch the lives of the people you work with and your own life, as a volunteer, will also change. Lasting friendships will be made and the long term overall impact will be on the people themselves.



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