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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As one of the best performing MBO schools in the Netherlands, we believe that educating young people to become the future generation of our society always includes a major effort to teach them about the world we live in. Not only will globalization become a bigger part of our own society in the years to come, but our students need to realize that they can play a pivotal role in Europe, through their own energy spent on work and a broad outlook on life. \in order to make our students the game changers of the future, we know that the opportunity to spend time abroad is a major investment in their own future. For this reason we choose to send students abroad for a set period of time. They do a work placement, distance learning, they live with other people and explore a new culture. Every year we try to send out a number of students from different courses (economics, social work and health care) to have this experience. Students are chosen based on their motivation, their skills and their character. We have good and professional connections with several schools and institutions in European countries, that guarantee brilliant experiences for our students and have the ability to monitor our students from up close. Students evaluate their experiences upon return and our school uses these evaluations to professionalize our program continually. In continuing our experiences we believe that we can grow into a school that focuses more and more on our place in society and the impact we can have on Europe.



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