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World around us – EVS in YOUr town
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The year 2016, which celebrated the 20 years of European Voluntary Service is a special year, especially for our organization, which since its beginning engaged in voluntary activities young people from all over the world, giving them a chance to learn through the exchange of experiences and work for the local community. To support National Agencies of Erasmus + Programme and the Eurodesk network in organized events connected with the celebration of the 20 years of of European Voluntary Service, EFM has developed the project "World around us - EVS in YOUr town", whose main objective will include the wide promotion of European Voluntary Service and the Erasmus+ Programme in all regions of Poland. Europejskie Forum Młodziezy as an organization, particularly experienced in the implementation of many EVS projects and cooperating with a number of educational institutions throughout the whole Poland have planned in the years 2016-2018 to carry out the promotion of EVS and Erasmus+ Programme on a large scale, combined with free workshops in the field of intercultural issues and activities of the EU as well as the impact of today’s media on public opinion in selected educational institutions throughout the whole Poland.Together with foreign volunteers hosted in a frame of our project "World around us - EVS in YOUr Town" we would like to visit around 36 educational institutions annually, which are cooperating young people aged between 17-30 years, coming from different backgrounds and having different economic and financial situation. These actions will not only promote Erasmus+ Programme and the European Voluntary Service, but also will help us to start a dialogue between the foreign volunteers and EFM employees, and polish youth and representatives of educational institutions in different regions of Poland on the creation of special additional activities and / or youth clubs dedicated to intercultural issues of the EU, the impact of today’s media (especially Internet) on the views of young people in relation to migration and emigration, building own opinions independent of the media.Besides mobile side of the project, the volunteers hosted in the framework of our project "World ..." will get the chance to develop their own interests and gain new skills by involving them in activities of experienced host organization – Europejskie Forum Młodzieży.In the project we have planned 6-months activities in the receiving organization – Europejskie Forum Młodzieży from the Ziemia Kłodzka region and the participation of 11 volunteers from different European countries such as Germany, Latvia, UK, Italy, Spain, France and Austria.1) The overall objectives of the project:- to support international mobility of young people and multiculturalism;- to support young people in gaining new competences in order to increase their opportunities for self-development and to increase their chances for employment in the European labor market;- to increase the capacity of organizations active in the field of youth in order to offer activities that better meet the young people’s needs;- to support non-formal learning and cooperation in the field of youth with European countries;- to support for young people from less-privileged, with fewer opportunities.2) The specific objectives of the project:- to broaden awareness of young people in Poland in the field of diversity, multiculturalism, immigration, EU policy, role and impact of media on their life;- to involve 11 young people from different countries, aged between 18-30 years, in free and unpaid full-time voluntary activities in Poland;- to provide volunteers activities strongly influence on their self-development and which goal is to improve their position in the labor market by raising their key competences and skills;- to use experience gained through implementation of this project to improve the quality of youth work among partner organizations;- to equal opportunities of young people in Poland in becoming active European citizens by providing them possibility to contact with peers from other European countries;- to improve the quality of youth work among partner organizations.



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