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Working on getting a job
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth exchange “Working on getting a job” will bring together 42 people from 7 different countries (Italy, Poland, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Ukraine). The main activities of the youth exchange will be held between 27 November and 9 December in Catania, Italy. The increasing unemployment rate among youth is one of the main problems of present-day societies and can be noticed in many countries. The causes of this can differ and it is obvious that before fighting unemployment, youngsters should know the practical reasons and analyze one’s own skills, potential and strengths. The youth exchange “Working on getting a job” sees its main goals in empowerment of youngsters and their engagement in social life, development of impersonal skills for better communication, contribution in increasing of employment level among young people through working on acquiring new skills and knowledge which will help them to raise their self-esteem and will encourage them to take an active part in society and be the initiators of positive changes. With the help of non-formal learning methods, workshops, debates, intercultural learning and simulation games all the participants will have a chance to understand their strengthens and weaknesses better, to gain practical knowledge and competences for their future employment, to enhance motivation for the life-long learning and to become aware of the important EU values. The objectives of the youth exchange will be: - to raise awareness about the youth employment situation and different employment opportunities; - to develop communication and management skills, - to develop non-formal and informal learning skills; - to encourage youngsters to use innovative ways of self-promotion and presentations; - to create a video CV to invite attention of an employer and increase the chances while applying for a certain position; - to foster creative ideas for entrepreneurship as a way to overcome socio-economical issues among youngsters; - to encourage the one’s personal growth, positive interaction, social inclusion and active participation of young people from different social backgrounds by involving them in a youth exchange that will develop their key competences; - to promote the main EU values and cooperation under the Erasmus+ scheme; The target group of the project will be young people influenced by the problem of unemployment, low standard of living and other socio-economical issues. We will look for participants who want to raise their awareness about different employment opportunities and learn about or develop their skills in order for future engagement. It is really important to find highly motivated youngsters who are willing to improve their key competences to increase their chances of entering the labour market, so when they are brought together they can share their experiences and thoughts, discuss problem moments and find solutions. Group of participants from every country will be consisted of people who are coming from different social, cultural, geographical backgrounds, and to them will be offered equal opportunities during the youth exchange. The need for the youth exchange and understanding factors which cause unemployment is of great importance for young people. The learning of these through the implementation of non-formal methods has been proven continuously in a great number of youth exchanges and training courses. During the project participants will have a chance to develop their communication and management skills; will gain the necessary competence in writing a good CV and motivation letter applying for a position in the company; will gain knowledge about different social media tools and create a video CV; will be given advice on how to get ready for the job interview and practice one; will meet local entrepreneurs, start-uppers and businessmen to find out more about the best practices of success; will learn about international support programs for unemployed youth and opportunities for cooperation under ERASMUS+ program; will gain knowledge on entrepreneurship and learn how to start their own business; will practice writing a business plan; experience the teamwork and will focus on their present and future.



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