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Working Europe 2015
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The students of the Municipal Vocational School for Foreign Language Careers at Munich’s Municipal Foreign Language Institute receive a qualification as a state-certified bilingual administrative assistant and/or as a state-certified multilingual administrative assistant. Due to the fact that our institute is not part of the dual system and does not otherwise require internships, we have been conducting Leonardo-da-Vinci Mobility Projects since 1996. The goal of these projects is to strengthen our European focus and to make abroad experience related to the students’ chosen vocation possible. Aside from getting to know something about a given company and being integrated into the company’s routine, students have the opportunity to practice and improve their intercultural as well as language competencies. Generally, they are to increase their chances on the European job market. A total of 38 participants are able to complete a four-week internship at the end of their first year of study or up to four months after completing their final exams. The faculty of our vocational schools should be able to observe instruction at similar institutions in our partner cities, in order to better align their course content and teaching methods with the international standards and job market requirements. In the past, some of our graduates have found a permanent position in a partner city, after having completed an internship there. Our work on these projects greatly contributes to the mobility of qualified workers on the European job market. A further asset to this project is the participating partner cities, which belong to the European City Network XARXA FP ( This network, with a permanent office in Barcelona (Spain), would like to promote the mobility of students, graduates and faculty in order for the Leonardo-da-Vinci Program to achieve the same high level of recognition within vocational education as the Erasmus Program receives within higher education.


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