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Working Culture
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Working Culture" comes from the collaboration between Life and Life Onlus (Italy) and Asociacion Building Bridges (Spain), on the themes of art and culture. Both the organisations carry out activities and projects promoting the value of culture and the preserving of art heritage, with this project they cooperate to give a young volunteer knowledge on useful tools to value art and culture in his own country. The main objectives of the project are: giving knowledge and competences on art, culture and protection of cultural heritage; giving the youngsters the possibility to know the spanish language at good level; giving competencens on European projects for youngsters and how to use them; giving youngsters skills usable in the labour market; spreading passion and love for art and culture among young people. The project will involve an italian volunteer who will spend 9 months in Madrid, no specific knowledge is needed, only a strong motivation for the topic and the experience in general.The activities involving the volunteer concern: education, culture, social and youth work in education and youth centres, reading (releasing books in Bookcrossing), youth information about cultural opportunities (grans, support, prizes, contests,...), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus), new technologies (Isssu), training (e-learning with Skype), research, information and interactive cultural platforms. the volunteer will be supported by the organisation staff in any project phase, in his learning and use of the new tools, he will also participate preparing projects and collaborating with other entities so they can give a new point of view and develop new EVS experiences. from this project we expect the volunteer to make a new experience, enriching him at personal level, growing as person, young citizen active and participating in society; we hope the acquired competences may help him in his research of a job, facing the labour world being braver and self confident; the organisations will be able to exchange knowledge, contacts, cooperate also in future to implement new projects, learning from each other, enhencing our experience and improving the activity managing. In particular, working both on culture, we hope to treasure this experience to create better projects and initiative in future.



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