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Working as a European Visual Communication Designer and Becoming a European Shop Assistant.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled BECOMING A EUROPEAN SHOP ASSISTANT AND WORKING AS A EUROPEAN VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGNER aims at enabling 36 General Vocational students completing an internship in European countries over a period of 2 years. 8 second year students and 10 final year students specializing in trade will complete respectively a 5 week and 4 internship in Seville and 8 second year students specializing in Visual Communication Plurimedia, 10 final year Visual Communication Plurimédia will complete respectively a 5 week and 4 internship in Dublin and surroundings.Students will be supervised by their teachers and the administrative team of 8 people. The Spanish teacher will accompany the students specialising in tradeto their host families and enterprises He will pay a second visit halfway through the internship and will assess studenon the workplace and will return with them to France. The English Teachers of the students specialising in Visual Communication Plurimedia will do the same in Dublin and surroundings.The languages teachers will organize cultural outings including a trip to Cordoba in Spain or a trip to Howth in Ireland. The places and the tasks carried out will be adapted to the requirements of the curriculum and the diploma training . They will be in direct contact with the contact person at school, the Languages teachers on a weekly basis, more often if necessary and over there, a local partner organization will also monitoring students and Home and business families. It will be in regular contact with the contact person and language teachers with whom they coordinate their actions and will be able to solve any problems. Information of students and parents, the constitution of a file and a preparation and language assessment and a cultural preparation, cross-cultural, professional, will be provided prior to departure from the French team. Onsite local agencies will organize during the first two weeks of training to strengthen the language support they receive through language platform made available by the European Commission. They will organize a course of Flamenco in Sevilla and introduction to traditional Irish dance and cultural activities and socializing in Dublin and surrounding areas. In addition, during the course the students will conduct cultural tours independently, they will write a diary to share their experiences, they will take pictures, videos and realize students will design a training report.Return experience will réexploitée in their different courses and will be evaluated. They will participate in their internal and external dissemination. The results will be analyzed and exploited. The objective of this project is to promote vocational training, increasing the quality of training and modernize teaching practices. In addition, it aims to improve skills, adaptabililité and employability of students in an economic environment in crisis .It will allow them to face the challenge of globalization; It intends to encourage students to keep studying and to fight against truancy and academic failure. It tends to broaden the students' horizons , allowing them to become responsible and autonomous European citizens open to international mobility and taking initiatives feeling more confident .



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