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Workcamp Coordinators’ training: Building from a intercultural point of view
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the framework of SCI Catalonia’s experience in the field of peace education and non violent conflict transformation, and considering SCI Catalonia’s growing role in the international MIDI working group (international SCI task force to develop and strenghten partnerships with civil society organisations from the south of the Mediterranean area and Middle East); it seems important to us to propose a common activity in order to deepen the reflexion about some of our key values and methodologies: intercultural dialogue, promotion of and respect for human rights and promotion of a culture of peace in general through international volunteering.In line with our expertise and necessities we feel it’s important to organise an international camp leader training which will enable the participants to identify and share good practices while at the same time the participating organisations will be empowered to organise similar trainings on a national level. We see the need to focus on the person of the camp coordinator because he or she’s a strategic person in setting up a succesful intercultural exchange. He/She’s the intermediary between the group and the local community/ organisation and as such the best placed person to facilitate the group dynamics, to mediate in intercultural and group conflicts and to encourage a transformational vision on group dynamics. Apart from the “group” aspect we believe the camp coordinator is crucial for a good development of the non formal education process. By introducing a non formal study part in the workcamp the participants gain the necessary skills and knowledge to connect their experience in the exchange or as a volunteer in a project with global problems or to see the link between local action and global discourse. As such we want to create, with all participants in the training, a common standard for camp coordinators starting from an intercultural point of view and focussed on the importance of a good non formal education approach which is highlighted in the study part as a tool for peace education and human rights promotion. For this training we will take the human rights violation in the case of refugees as a case study and it will be explored from a not so common perspective: by bringing together people from both sides of the Mediterannean; some of the countries having been subject to conflicts and producing refugees while others have been hosting refugees for many years and others being confronted with a huge influx of refugees whether to seek refuge or to transit the country in very recent times.



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