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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project it is planned to develop, test, adapt and implement innovative practices relating to work based learning as one of new VET teaching and training materials and methods. This project is needed, because nowadays, more than ever, VET schools need to prepare VET learners to find a job in local or international labor market and to be flexible, autonomous and creative. PROJECT OBJECTIVES/ISSUES: To strengthen the quality, supply and attractiveness of Work based learning and apprenticeships; To prepare students, teachers and enterprises staff for international Work based learning; To encourage more enterprises in more countries to train, i.e. foreign VET learners. TARGET GROUPS: VET learners, VET teachers, staff and workers of the local enterprises, VET schools and training institutions, public authorities, other stakeholders. All local and international activities are directed towards the development and testing of our intellectual output- the E-Guide "Work based learning- your opportunity" consisting from 2 chapters: 1) useful information, i.e. training materials for VET teachers and enterprises staff - best practice samples, problems and challenges to start/develop WBL, to motivate VET and enterprises staff to be involved into WBL, how to prepare people (VET learners, unemployed) for the apprenticeship locally and abroad etc. There will be included materials of the Short term teachers' trainings. 2) useful information for VET learners, unemployed persons - “How to become a successful apprentice in my and other countries” (How to prepare a CV, professional portfolio, where to find the necessary information concerning WBL opportunities in different countries, how to train social, inter cultural and team working skills for local and international Work based learning). LOCAL ACTIVITIES: Meetings, discussion with local enterprises; Education workshops “How to become a successful apprentice in my and other countries” - for VET learners; Training sessions for VET teachers and enterprises staff; Creating of a common platform/database, with the enterprises in all partner countries, as a way of promoting future contacts and searching for an apprentice place/job in an European level; Creation and distribution of the project dissemination materials, organizing Info sessions, evaluation/dissemination activities. International LEARNING/TRAINING ACTIVITIES: Blended mobilities of VET learners - Work based learning simulation in enterprises of 4 countries. The virtual cooperation will be started before and continued also after the end of physical mobility. Short term joint staff training event - International training sessions for teachers. METHODS: Analyze of existing gaps and needs, providing a realistic apprenticeship/WBL simulation in the partner countries in an efficient cooperation with the relevant local SMEs, exchange of best practice experience, testing of the most successful models in partner countries, study of real life cases in partners’ countries enterprises of different branches; development and implementation of project-based transnational collaboration between enterprises and students/staff at VET institutions; professional guidance and counseling and coaching methods and tools; strategic cooperation between VET providers and local/regional business communities. PROJECT IMPACT: All participants will have new experience of WBL locally and internationally, an increased sense of initiative and partnership, increased motivation and satisfaction in their daily learning/work and future career building. It will be a contribution through the project approach to promote and build and further develop an WBL- culture on local, regional, national and European level. Our VET systems will be better aligned to the needs of and opportunities offered by labour market, and VET teachers and SMEs workers will be better prepared to Work based learning implementation/development. LONG TERM BENEFITS: Availability and using of the project intellectual output (E-Guide “Work based learning- your opportunity”) during further WBL- supporting/training activities in all partner countries, also beyond the end of the funding period. All partners and local communities will be better informed about the situation of Work based learning, labour market in partners’ countries, about differences and similarities in these countries, about professional development opportunities for young people/unemployers and other social groups potentially interested to be (re)integrated into WBL- based Vocational education/training, and after – into labour market. The new approach will be disseminated on a wide range: local, regional and on European level.



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