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Work-Based Learning in the Field of Cutting Mechanics: Introducing VET Multipliers to Alternate Work-Based Learning in Romania and Slovakia
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The high rate of youth unemployment is a problem throughout Europe. After their apprenticeship many youngsters are facing difficulties finding a job. In many cases the reason is a very theoretical training system, that lacks practical orientation. In order to foster a work-place-oriented VET-system the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) gGmbH carries out the project „Work-Based Learning in the Field of Cutting Mechanics: Introducing VET Multipliers to Alternate Work-Based Learning in Romania and Slovakia“ in Kronstadt (Romania) and Kischützneustadt (Slovakia). The companies Dräxlmaier and Ina Schaeffler such as the VET centers Scoala Profesionala Germana Kronstadt and Stredna odborna skola strojnicka are taking part as project partners. The project will be realized from 01.09.2015 until 01.09.2018. Initial local cooperation structures are already established. The companies have been cooperating with the VET-centers in order to implement a vocational training course for cutting mechanics with a dual character. The project aims to increase labor market relevance of the apprenticeship, which is to become more practical and action-orientated. Within the frame of the project the necessary know how is supposed to be transfered. From September 2015 on the training of cutting mechanics will be carried out in the companies as well. During the course of the project until 2018 cooprative structures will be extended in order to establish a vocational training with a focus on strong employment-related components. The project contributes to a higher willingness of the companies to offer apprentices a permanent contract and facilitates the trainees the access to the labor market. The employability of the youngsters will be improved and therefore the risk of unemployment will be minimized. In order to achieve those goals trainers of the respective project partner institutions will be trained in the field of practical-oriented training methods. These trainings will take place for teachers of VET-centers and trainers of companies such as for managers of the project partners. Furthermore there will be a training trip to Germany to learn on-site about the dual VET-training system. In total round about 80 multipliers of the Romanian and Slovakian project partners will take part in those trainings. Additionally teaching and test material will be elaborated that follow the guidelines of EC VET. The utilization of European instruments for Vocational Education enhance transparency between the different VET systems and contents in the different production sites and countries. The project is expected to contribute to an improvement of the work-oriented professional education and to increase the labor market relevance. At the same time it fosters die employability of the youngsters and offers them better perspectives on the labor market. The project will deliver examples of direct cooperation between VET-centers and companies which can be reproduced on other sites. This is how there will be created an overall comprehension for work-based learning in the European countries. Alongside the use of EU tools will contribute to a higher degree of transparency and simplifies the comparison of competences on the European labor market.



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