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Work Based Learning at European Union
Date du début: 11 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 10 nov. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

#WorkBaL@EU is a VET learners mobility proposal involving short term of three-week and long term of twlelve-month work placements for a wide range of vocational trainees of four evening and morning VET providers in Egaleo and Peristeri which suffer most the economic crisis in Greece and need a turning point to give a boost in the learners employability. More specifically, the mobility involves 5 flows of 2 vocational sectors of10 students each to Spain and Portugal of the following vocational sectors:- Beauty Care- Hairdressing- Health Care (Nursing)- Car Mechanics- Mechanics- Electronics- Electricians- Refrigeration/Heating- Business Administration- Construction- Graphic designwho accompanied by a tutor escort of their field will complete a three-week work placement in companies of the private sector in Spain and Portugal as interns to get specialisation and work experience in their field and enhance their training via the work-based learning potential. Moreover, our mobility includes 3 flows of 3 graduates of- Car Mechanics- Mechanics- Construction- Food industry- ITwho being graduates and unemployed will be offered a twelve-month work placement in companies of the private sector in Spain and Portugal as interns to get specialisation and work experience in their field benefitting to the full the potential of work-based learning, which according to the recent Greek legislation has to last one-year long to gain its full potential.All groups will enhance their intercultural and personal development as their work-based learning will take place in a EU country. Our project's aims are to enhance our students' employability and adaptability based on today's market needs, to help them acquire key competencies in new job-specific skills while strengthening their linguistic and intercultural competencies and complement their training with practical experience. Generally, the west areas of Athens is an area whose inhabitants are characterized by low income and sensitive groups of people. Egaleo and Peristeri and especially the evening schools embrace students of low social and financial profile with a view to their re-integration to society with an improved personal and professional profile. It is a multi-cultural mix of students mostly adults with low social background who wish for a second chance in their life which was degraded because of disparate causes. The project has been divided into work packages which involve the preparatory, the organisational, the managerial, the implementation and the dissemination stages and all partners will contribute respectfully. The results we wish to achieve via this mobility is to rekindle our students' employability opening new paths, create opportunities for high-quality work-based learning via work-placement mobilities in EU and highlight that it is a fundamental part of VET which needs to be materialised while gaining valuable insight and best practices to plan for and implement WBL in the consortium schools. The impact will traverse the educational and the enterprise sector providing solid foundations for future collaboration on the provision of WBL which can also enhance cooperation in areas such as curriculum design, career guidance and mentoring and results in better value for money, as costs/resources/technology are shared with employers. This will benefit not only our school and region but also three countries on a European and international level. The work -based learning mobility opportunity will also affect locally, regionally, nationally as well as on a European and international level after the dissemination of the work placements results. In the long term VET will receive the attractiveness its work opportunities and the openness in EU will offer.



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