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Words Matter
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We want to improve our work quality through words. We want to develop related tools and gain competences that can drive us into a higher level of youth work. A level that is attractive, persuasive, fair, accurate and noticeable for young people. Youth interaction is one of the toughest elements of our work. We all have been there; we all had coaches, mentors, role models, educators and peers that have inspired us. If we go back in time and think about what made that possible, a big part of it was that they stole our attentions by words that touch our core. On contrast, words can start conflicts, create stereotypes and spread intolerance and polarity. We are blessed with working with young people who trust our judgment and trust our knowledge. This trust is dictating us to be more careful with words, to be very specific and committed to our mission of promoting for solidarity, acceptance, human rights and global integration. The competence of calling things by the right name and in the right context, avoid misleading facts and stick to evidence based conclusions is required for our delicate work. PROJECT OBJECTIVESWith “Words Matter” we want to adopt non-violence communication, the attitude of being fair and responsible of our speeches, critical thinking to fight against extremism, social polarization, hate speech, prejudice, intolerance, misleading facts. This in order to achieve personal development, social cohesion and cross-borders cooperation.We will work on two levels. First, organisational level represented by Youth workers and Leaders in the Training course. Second, final beneficiary level that are Young people under 18 participating in the Youth Exchange.The project consists of 3 activities. 1- Training Course: for youth workers, Youth leaders, educators and trainers.Venue: MarseilleProvisional Dates: October 2016Partners: 13 Partners - ( 26 Participants + 3 Trainers + 1 Logistics Coordinator)France: Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (2 Participants) + (1 Trainer) + (1 Logistics Coordinator)Tunisia: Cultural Club Ali Belhouane (2 Participants)Georgia: Alternative Education Academy (2 Participants)Italy: CEIPES (2 Participants) + (1 Trainer)Bulgaria: Sdrudzenie Znam i Moga (2 Participants)Algeria: ADPAL (2 Participants)Palestine: Human supporters association (2 Participants)Lebanon: Chabibeh Sports Club (2 Participants)Jordan: I-Dare (2 Participants)Egypt: Sting (2 Participants) + (1 Trainer)Spain: Nexes (2 Participants)Croatia: SKWHAT (2 Participants)Romania: Team4youth (2 Participants)Methodology: Training will be based on co-constructed content methods. With the support and guidance of the trainers, participants will have the responsibility for achieving their learning objectives. 2- Advance Planning Visit: For Group Leaders for the following activityVenue: ForcalquierProvisional Dates: June 2017Partners: 6 Partners - ( 6 Participants + 1 Facilitator + 1 Logistics Coordinator)France: Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (1 Participant) + (1 Facilitator) + (1 Logistics Coordinator)Tunisia: Cultural Club Ali Belhouane (1 Participant)Georgia: Alternative Education Academy (1 Participant)Italy: CEIPES (1 Participant) Egypt: Sting (1 Participant) Croatia: SKWHAT (1 Participant)3- Youth Exchange: Youth exchange for young people 15 - 18 years oldVenue: ForcalquierProvisional Dates: July 2017Partners: 6 PartnersFrance: Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (5 Participant + 1 Group leader) + (1 Facilitator) + (2 Logistics Coordinator)Tunisia: Cultural Club Ali Belhouane (5 Participant + 1 Group leader)Georgia: Alternative Education Academy (5 Participant + 1 Group leader)Italy: CEIPES (5 Participant + 1 Group leader) + (1 Facilitator)Egypt: Sting (5 Participant + 1 Group leader) + (1 Facilitator)Croatia: SKWHAT (5 Participant + 1 Group leader)Methodology: Non formal education activities like: Team Building, outdoor activities, day trip,role games, simulation, theater, discussion and intercultural learning. More significant, The daily community life in an intercultural environment will propose participants to experiment a non violent dialogue and communication.



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