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Women Leadership Program
Date du début: 1 mars 2012,

The feasibility visit of the Women Leadership Program is a meeting of young people with the objective of discussing the situation and position of women in our local communities. The project aims to strengthen the role and the capacity of women in leadership roles. Young people will gather, brainstorm together and discuss how they can help to improve the status of women in leadership positions in their countries. For example,while studies have shown that women in Europe (and further afield) are more likely to be involved in civil society activities rather than formal politics, NGOs in many countries continue to have a male leadership. Participants will be encouraged to think about the role of women within their organization, and their countries more broadly, and consider how to encourage and support women in leadership roles.The project is focused on youth women leaders from the YEE network - youth environmental NGOs - as well as other NGOs in Eastern Europe,Balkan and Caucasus region. The aim is to create a long term project, a series of trainings for women to develop their leadership skills and encourage them to become leaders in their organizations and their communities. During the feasibility visit the young people will discuss the project details with potential partners and define general shape of the trainings i.e. defining main goal and objectives of the project, creating draft agenda of trainings, sharing responsibilities. They will also think about best methods of implementing the acquired skills in daily life of their local communities - how they can change mentality of their neighbors, how they can use energy of women to lead us to more efficient work, to achieve more ambitious goals, to change the situation, etc.The meeting will take place during three days (27.-29.4.2012) in Ohrid, Macedonia and 12 partners from 12 countries will be involved. Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is the applicant of the project and DEM will host the feasibility visit.



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