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Women in Europe. Erasing violence against women!
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Women in Europe. Erasing violence against women" is a long term activity with two multilateral exchange,aimed to develop in the youth participants a full awareness about the set of norms, customs and visions which characterize the status of women in european society. Participants will be involved in various activities programmed in seven days, and they will have the possibility to confront their ideas about the economic, social, political and cultural role of women in Europe. One of the main ideas of the project is to create a line of communication between young people of different countires in the way to undertake a path of struggle about online violence against women. Participants will have the possibility to launch a clear and precise message: respect and love are values which are fundamental for the cohabitation between the sexes. The general objective is aimed to develop a better intercultural comprehension between participants and a better sensibility about the issues of the project with the hope that this will encourage a better virtuous approach about the issue of gender policies in the countries of European Union. The project is aimed to sensitize the participants on the struggle against violence against women, in particular the online violence. Unfortunately, in the era of internet, violence has encountered new forms and it is our duty fight them: the project will be a launch pad in this direction. The activity " Erasing violence against women " is also a multilateral exchange of young Europeans to explore the theme of violence against women. The project will involve three countries of the European Union ( Country 1, Country 2 ) for a total of 30 participants (9 participants + 1 leader) . Given the unedifying increase of violence against women we have a duty to write and implement this project whose aim is to sensitize the young participants to this problem. A recent study in Italy has showed startling facts : in our country the sample of women interviewed on this subject , aged between 16 and 70 years , said they had been victims of violence, physical or sexual at least once in their lifetime.They are in fact 6 million and 743 thousand , ie 31.9% of the female population , women who have undergone at least once in a lifetime violence. Considering only the rape, the figure is 4.8% ( more than one million women).But even in Europe the situation is not at all good and the phenomenon of violence against women is on the rise . Recent research has shown that women in Europe suffer physical, sexual and psychological violence in countries such as Denmark, where 52% of women claimed to be the victim of violence. Followed, in this unedifying ranking, Finland ( 47%), Sweden (46%) , the Netherlands ( 45%), France and the UK ( 44%). The data were extrapolated from " I woman " special edition of the newspaper "Corriere della Sera". Our association also hoped that the successful implementation of the project may create in young people the desire to propose projects along the lines of the same in order to create a domino effect of awareness at European level. In addition, through the non-formal and non-violent methods will push the women participating in the project to denounce acts of violence , past, present and future for this despicable act is no longer harms them . Working on young people, in the right way , you can avoid unpleasant things , such as violence in the future . The principles upon which this project are the ' non-formal education , respect for others, respect for the rules , understanding and kindness. This project meets a need, often unspoken , of the complaint and that justice is too often stifled by the indifference of society and the shame felt by victims . Becoming aware that violence against women is wrong and that the victims of such violence must denounce their abusers is an important step in achieving the fundamental rights not only of women but also for men .



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