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Women and Men working together
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Men and Women working together. We live in societies that condition us strongly in different ways depending if we are born men or women. A lot of work has been made last decades, but we still live in unfair environments, both for women and for men. In this Project, and during 16 days, 48 young people from 4 different countries (Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom) will gather in the North of Spain (Cantabria) with the next goals: - Getting to know the successes and struggles existing in each country. - Analysing the current situation and see how it affects both women and men. - Offering proposals on how men should support women and how women should support men. - Thinking about how men should be allies to other men and women to other women, in order to be completely effective for the goal of ending up with the injustices related to genre. - Finally, taking personal commitments, which will be later implemented in our organizations, Jobs and countries. The Project is meant to be for sharing the different cultural views about equality and think together how to improve these aspects. We hope to enjoy the meeting, create relationships and a much more equal and fair society for all the people.


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