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Wolontariat - spotkanie, rozwój i lepsza przyszłość
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Volunteering - meeting, development and better future” was prepared by the Association of ASF in Poland in cooperation with the sending organization – ASF in Ukraine (Akzija spokuty sarady Myru) – and hosting organizations – Maltese Center for Children with Disabilities and Their Families, Grodzka Gate - NN Theatre, Jewish community in Warsaw and Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation. It touches on a variety of themes and serves for the deepening of intercultural education. It will take 15 months. It will consist of 3 phases (preparation, voluntary service, final evaluation) The project is designed for young people from Ukraine, who, since the political situation in their country got worse, need the support of their international and intercultural development, need a help in their efforts to change the situation they are in, need a help to improve our common future. The volunteers will spend one year in Poland, they will stay in the cities where our partners’ organizations are located – Warsaw, Lublin and Krakow. In the host organizations they will work in tandem with German volunteers. The aim of the project is to expand international cooperation on the line Poland-Ukraine, which will lead not just to the personal friendship, but also to the partnerships in various sectors (including economic one) and disseminating the idea of volunteering abroad . While the project the volunteers will dive into Polish, Jewish, German and Ukrainian culture, they will work on social and interreligious dialogue and minimizing stereotypes. They will have contact with people of all ages: children, including disabled children, young people, elderly (victims of National Socialism and the Holocaust, those in difficult social situation). Via conversations, personal testimonies and experience exchange both these groups of people and our volunteers will learn a lot from each other. The project’s participants are four Ukrainians who expressed their willingness and motivation to work as European volunteers. They are interested in Poland, its history and politics, in the program of Polish - Ukrainian exchange. For each of them participation in this project is an opportunity for personal and professional development. They have a high potential, which can’t be properly realized due to the very difficult political and economic situation in their country. Volunteers will be involved in the following activities: assisting the elderly (victims of National Socialism and the Holocaust, people in difficult social situation) - visiting them, talking to them, organizational support of them; work on the projects related to the II WW history, organized by the host organizations; work for the Jewish community (in the nursery for Jewish Children and in the Volunteer Center); work with disabled children and support of their families. The project is based on non-formal education methods: volunteers will learn through practice, participation in workshops, structured dialogue (debates, consultations, discussions etc.), experience exchange, active participation, entrepreneurship and regular evaluation. Worth to say that within the project each volunteer will have possibility to realize his/her own project. By participating in the annual voluntary program, our volunteers have the opportunity to acquire the key competences: linguistic, organizational, IT, interpersonal and social. Each projects offers specific knowledge and skills valuable in the long-term perspective - on the labor markets in the field of education and care for the elderly, children and people with disabilities, project work with participants from different countries. Volunteers will gain knowledge about culture and history of Polish and other nations, open themselves to others, make new friends and become more aware and active citizens. Host organizations will gain a new perspective, experience and ideas of volunteers. That will enrich them and stimulate their development. Volunteers help to establish new contacts and partnerships. For applying organization and sending organization new volunteers is a new experience of intercultural communication, the challenge to non-stop developing of their own program and improving its quality. The project will affect not only people with whom our volunteers will work directly but also their peers, other volunteers, students - they will be informed about opportunities within the Erasmus +, about international and intercultural activities. This project will be a real intercultural feast, which will lead towards a better future.



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