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Wolontariat dla wsparcia osób z niepełnosprawnościami
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Volunteering to support people with disabilities" is a project which the main aim is: - changing the mentality of people getting in contact with persons with disability, - breaking barriers - increasing tolerance and acceptance in the local community of Lodz. We want to invite the volunteers to join our project and to create together outfits which, together with accessories, jewelery and painting created (inspired by Lodz) will be presented at a fashion show as Eco Fashion Show. Further, we want to create a clothes exhibition and a photo and movie raport. Beside working at this main project idea, the typical tasks for the European volunteers - EVS will be: - offer assistance and support in our workshops with person with dissabilities - designing and realising their own workhops and events (from art workshops, to cultural evenings, to photo exhibitions, according to volunteers passions and needs), on various themes with and for people with dissability - offer assistance in our daily organization life" help our participants to dress, move, carry out different activities During the activities of volunteers and participants OTW, people with disabilities will have the opportunity to go beyond everyday activity and they will gain experience which is another step towards self-reliance and gaining a greater sense of driving force. European Volunteers will learn how to work with people with physical and intellectual disabilities, they will have a chance to put their creative ideas, organize multi-stage design workshop taking into account both work, creative work, as well as coordination of activities related to the presentation of project achievements to a wider audience (in participating in a ecological fashion show and organization of exhibitions of photographic works in the urban space, documenting the various stages of carrying out the project). The project will carry another purpose: the possibility of cultural exchange between volunteers and participants. To allow it to proceed as swiftly as possible, Occupational Therapy Workshop participants also are preparing for the adoption of international volunteers, learning English and Spanish. The project volunteers will also participate in meetings - OTW staff, assist in the other workshops (including information technology, household appliances, pedagogical and artistic), as well as they participate in OTW outputs to museums and galleries (including the Museum of Textiles whether Priest's Mill) in training and workout clothes design creativity; and support the participants in the Workshop in preparation for occasional contests and previews ( the exhibitions in Galeries in Łódź, occasional exhibitions- for example Mothers Day, etc.)



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