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Without the Borders
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project aims to develop skills and competences of young people via various activities they would be participating in at our organisation as well as activities carried with the wide public. This development shall serve their better future participation in society, support their success in the labour market and support their personal development. Further, the project aims at spreading around the aweareness of Erasmus+ programme, EU values and supporting the EU citizenship and culturall diversity awareness. Also, the project seeks to establish new cooperations not only with Czech organisations but especially with foreign organisations. There will be 6 EVS participants from 4 different countries engaged in activities with about 50 socially disadvantaged and Roma children and youth in our organisation, students from elementary and secondary schools and wide public in our town and region. It is estimated our project reaches via dissemination activities hundreds of people in our town and region. Activities will be carried out in the pre-school children Club (Puppet Club, Animal Club, Story-telling Club), in the Roma Club (Art Laboratyory, Multi-cultural Laboratory, Sport Laboratory, Language Laboratory) and at elementary and secondary schools (Everyday Life Workshop, Erasmus+ Workshop). Further activities will be carried out in public (2 events during two music festivals: 1. stage comedy, 2. volunteering, Erasmus+ and cultural diversity stall) and for public (Blog "First EVS in the town", Rubrics "I am here with you"). All activities will be carried out with the learner centered approach, will support creativity and own ideas of participants. They will be interactive and based on learning via experience. The results of the project will be monitored via many evaluation tools, one of the most important being creation of Portfolio, where EVS participants will record their proggress. Further, results will be visible in outcomes from the mini-projects participants will design and carry out. Result and impact on socially disadvantaged and Roma children and youth will be visible in the products of their activities with EVS participants. Many kinds of different items will be created in all "clubs" as well as "laboratories". Also, measurable results will be seen in promotion activities (blog, rubrics) as well as in results from workshops (creation of posters, booklets, brochures, drafts of "projects"). Also, new cooperations shall be established serving as base for future possibility of creating new project to further attempt to fulfil objectives of Erasmus + and so to contribute to fulfilment of the Strategy Europe 2020. Our project expects to have direct impact on EVS participants, socially disadvantaged and Roma children and youth, students of school and wide public.



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