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Wissenstransfer `Bildung und Beruf´ in der europäischen Altenhilfe
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Germany, a reform of the nursing profession is imminent; the draft law is expected in early summer 2015, the implementation for the year 2016. Thus the initial vocational training "geriatric care", which is specialized in long-term care, disappears in Germany. For the generalized trained nurses, a high need for additional training is predicted within the special fields in care. In order to address these needs, it therefore is necessary to deal with both existing models and systems of generalized training as well as successful approaches to HR work. These are the points of departure of the intended study visits. The AWO training center Preetz is planning, together with two other training centers in Schleswig-Holstein as well as with members of the BAGFW that operates across Germany, to perform a cross-institutional mobility project for interested trainees and for education- and HR managers in geriatric care. In the period from 01.06.2015 to 31.05.2017, in addition to three-week international internships for 40 trainees from Schleswig-Holstein, also four, one week study visits for a total of 60 education- and HR managers from all over Germany are planned. It is the purpose that the participants learn about the care and education systems in Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Slovakia. The students can get acquainted with the professional practice in geriatric care of the host country and compare it with the one in their own country; they improve their job opportunities by increasing their mobility on the European labor market for geriatric care; they develop pride in their profession and strengthen their personality; they deepen their linguistic and intercultural competence. In addition, they expand their professional knowledge, acquire special qualifications and special practical experience. The education and HR managers not only learn about the administrative / financial and conceptual frameworks in geriatric care in European countries know and compare them with the circumstances in Germany. Rather they study the processes of human resources management in European countries as well as various European education systems with their standards and consider possible transferability with regard to the planned reform of vocational training in nursing in Germany. The focus is on European exchange possibilities and the development and use of knowledge / practice transfer tools. In addition to the contentual design of the individual learning situation in the host country for both the trainees and for education and HR managers, especially the preparation and implementation of organizational settings and also the comprehensive, targeted support of the participants play a significant role in this project. The evaluation and recognition of outcomes adduced by the mobility is taken for granted. Another special element of the project is the increased promotion of sustainability: So-called future workshops, which will take place after completion of the mobilities serve as a transfer tool. At the meetings, the insights and experiences of both the students and the education and HR managers are combined across the visited countries. After the respective stay abroad the participants of both target groups undertake to participate in such a meeting for exchange, reflection and the development of ideas to be implemented in practice.



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