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Wise Choice
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Wise Choice brings together 67 people from Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, The Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece and Italy on series of two training courses aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of youth work with self coaching techniques, in order to increase active participation and entrepreneurship of young people. Participants are youth workers: trainers, coaches, mentors, NGO staff members, peer educators, facilitators of non-formal learning, both professionals and volunteers, active in NGOs and initiatives and/or working with target groups at risk. Our objectives are to improve youth worker competences, self-assessment and learning process design; to provide opportunity for self coaching processes; to introduce YouthPass as a tool for self-assessment; to provide practical tools and skills to support career choices, decision making and entrepreneurship of young people; to empower young people to get a new perspective on career and entrepreneurship; to trigger best-practice sharing and the creation of international projects in Erasmus+. The first training course focuses on self-reflection and self-coaching techniques. There are workshops on introduction of the key competences and learning process design; tools given for planning and evaluation; an outdoor part and practice of basic coaching techniques for individuals and groups. While on the first training course participants have the chance to asses and reflect on their work and situation as a youth worker, on the second course they deepen self-coaching with advanced techniques and develop their interpersonal skills to improve their ability to connect with their target groups. There are workshops on intercultural communication; on conflict management and advanced individual coaching techniques. On both programmes we focus on emphasizing the efficiency of non formal learning process by using different formats of it and using outdoor tools, workshops, theatre, dance, role plays. As a result of Wise Choice participants improve cultural awareness and expression, creativity and entrepreneurship, social and civic competences and learning to learn. Through their own development they will transfer an improvement to their organizations to make their daily work more effective with their target group which will make them able to reach more young people and support them more effectively in their planning with special focus on career and entrepreneurship.



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