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Winning Applications of nanoTEchnology for Resolutive hydropurification (WATER)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall objectives are: strengthening the research potential of the applicant in order to formulate a solid and long term research strategy about nanotechnology applications; increase its visibility in the ERA; determining an impact on the local economy and society through technology innovation. The focus is on the application of nanotechnology to water treatment, aiming to boost the research potential in this emerging research domain.Worldwide 1.2 billion people suffer inadequate access to clean water. Nanotechnology is expected to improve the water filtration with lower cost and energy. These are the major motivations for undertaking such an initiative – relying on the local know-how on nanotechnology – that aims to develop novel applications attracting industrial and service assets.The action includes widening of the existing research infrastructures; exchange of know-how and personnel with partners to tackle the issues of the proposed nanotech-based innovation and improve the opportunities of collaborative research; reinforcement of research staff; refinement of management capacities; innovative dissemination actions both for specialists and broader audience; development of a strategic plan for the IP. The multidisciplinary partnership includes top class scientists from UK, Spain, France, Germany and Norway, local authorities, representatives of ministerial institutions, water treatment SME and filters technology world leader company, to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainability of the Action.The nanotech filtration up-scalable to industrial production will sustain the society and the economy of the Ionic Sicily, by improving the quality of the sea water, through innovative filtration of waste water flowing into the sea, and of drinkable water in a region suffering from lack of water. The general outcome will consist in a change of the local mentality, by the affirmation of a long term vision and strategy in a common scientific and social context.