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Wind in the sails of EKOenergy
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EKOenergy is a network of environmental organisations focussing on the promotion of renewable electricity. We develop a lot of different actions. But our most visible tool is the EKOenergy ecolabel, it is the only international ecolabel for electricity. Its main aim is to help consumers choose climate-friendly and nature-friendly electricity. The criteria of the EKOenergy ecolabel are based on consultation of hundreds of key stakeholders and are widely accepted. We started in 2013 and are now gradually spreading over Europe. Last year, we have made big steps forward (See > annual report 2014). A lot of this progress happened thanks to the active participation of volunteers, in particular EVS volunteers based at the EKOenergy Secretariat. With this new project, we want to intensify our contacts with German, Danish and Norwegian stakeholders. Germany, Denmark and Norway are trendsetters in the field of renewable electricity. The presence of German and Danish volunteers will help us to learn from these countries. At the same time we will further develop structural relations between stakeholders in these countries and the EKOenergy Network. Besides, the volunteer will get opportunities to participate in other activities of the Finnish Association of Nature Conservation in order to get opportunities to differentiate the experiences and to get to know different (young) people.The volunteers are embedded in the EKOenergy team (which is a part of the Environment Protection Department of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation).



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