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Why so radical? - seminar on preventing youth radicalization and extremism
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Seminar „Why so radical? – preventing youth radicalization and extremism” will take place in Lublin, Poland between 3rd and 8th of October 2016. Activity will gather 21 teachers, youth workers, youth leaders and educators from Poland, Georgia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine, Albania, Spain, to in an international team of experts and experienced youth workers discuss on the topic of violent radicalization among young people, to work on some solutions, explore on possible tools and their usage and also establish new collaboration between organizations working on similar topics and create new international projects ideas. Entire project will last 6 month, when the preparations will be undertaken and after the seminar – decent dissemination of the project results.The main aim we set for this seminar is to signalize the danger of radicalization among young people and to motivate and support youth organizations and youth workers to recognize radical behaviours and undertake actions in order to prevent their violent development. In order to achieve this aim, following objectives have been planned:1. To introduce participants with the concepts of radicalization, extremism and terror and make them understand the differences between these.2. To raise participants’ awareness about roots of radicalization, its process and vulnerabilities which may cause it.3. To give participants the space for sharing experience from own countries and working environments about the situation on youth radicalization4. To introduce participants with and make them experience drama technique as a tool for working with youth on the topics of values, interreligious and intercultural dialogue5. To motivate participants to look for resources, tools, papers on youth radicalization and to create a publication which can support other youth workers, teachers.6. To create a comfortable space for networking and to encourage international cooperation through development of international projects on the topics of peace building, youth work, preventing violent radicalizationThis seminar strongly supports the objectives of KA1 Youth Erasmus + Programm, with the special emphasis on priorities for 2016: equipping youth workers with competences and methods needed for transferring the common fundamental values of our society particularly to the hard to reach young people and preventing violent radicalisation of young people. „Why so radical? – seminar on preventing youth radicalization and extremism” is a seminar with elements of training course and it tackles the difficult issue which is ongoing youth radicalization. The program of the seminar was designed regarding partner organizations and participants needs and it is based on 3 parts: 1. Recognition and diagnose, where participants will take part in several discussion and simulations to establish a common understanding of the radicalization concepts. They will participate in a lecture given by a guest speaker who will also answer all the questions and doubts of the participants. 2. Prevention: this part of the seminar will be dedicated to drama technique workshop lead by the specialist in this technique. The expert will also introduce the concept and techniques of bibliodrama, which we see is strongly combined with preventing violent radicalization as it raises awareness of people with different beliefs and no beliefs on common values shared by humanity. The discussion will be raised here on different sample techniques which might be used with this topic while working with young people. 3. Third part of the seminar is creating future action plans. In the multicultural groups participants will work on designing new projects tackling the topics in the fields of youth work, human rights, shared values, intercultural dialogue and similar. In this part they will also have a chance to deepen their knowledge on Erasmus + Programm, its opportunities and also another European and non European programs they may use to support their everyday work. The guideline which will be created as a final outcome of the seminar. It will be promoted within youth organization on local and international level. The other outcome of this seminar will be development and the implementation of the future project ideas on the topics of human rights, solidarity, shared values, tolerance and common respect, youth work. We expect the project implementation and dissemination of its results will contribute to raising awareness on the fragile topic of youth violent radicalization and will encourage youth workers, social workers and teachers to undertake some action preventing this procedure.



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