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Date du début: 1 déc. 2011,

This Partnership Building Activity that we are going to host in the city of Jajce in the middle Bosnia has an objective to motivate young people to become active citizens in their community through voluntarism. The PBA will give the opportunity to the young people to share their knowledge, learning new useful methods in achieving the best from the voluntary work among the young people with different cultural backgrounds in order to promote European values of the voluntarism at all and to gain new partnerships for developing future project ideas in the frame of the Youth in Action program. The theme of the project is to foster young people to take initiatives in their own communities in order to encourage them to find out what it is to be a volunteer in local and European level. Participants from 15 different countries from the member countries of EU and Neighboring partner countries (in total 24 participants) will through activities such as flash mob and conference under the slogan "exchange experience" bring the participants in the direct contact with young people from the local community and try to motivate them to become volunteers. Through interactive teaching methods, participants will receive information about volunteerism, motivation and work, based on these results through everyday activities they will create an image of voluntarism, local and International. The picture they create, new experiences, skills and methods will carry with them, but what is very important is that this picture is still expanding what’s one of our goals that all participants in their organizations by homecoming disseminate information among young people in their local communities. Duration is 9 days including travel days.



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