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What voluntarism striving for?
Date du début: 1 août 2010,

This project is the product (follow up) of a Youth exchange realized in Poland with the same participant organizations. During the previous youth exchange, participants discussed about the continuation of partnership. Youth exchange "What is voluntarism striving for?" will bring together young people from 6 countries (Poland, Croatia, Italy, Armenia, Turkey and Serbia). In total 30 young people will work together, share experiences and present their cultures.The Youth exchange will gather relevant organizations who are promoting new participatory methods of active citizens' involvement in community development through voluntarism. The main theme of this project is voluntarism. The Youth exchange aims to increase capacities of participant organizations in volunteering management, through exchange of traditional forms of voluntary engagement on national levels and creating innovative tools to promote voluntarism.The youth exchange will take place in a town Krusevac (Serbia) and it will last for 8 days. Through that process we want to promote intercultural dialogue, tolerance and understanding between different cultures and traditions. In the first part of the exchange, participants will present their history and roots of voluntary work, as well as traditional forms of voluntary engagement in their countries. By presenting different examples of traditionally voluntary work in participant's countries, we will bring different cultures together and promote intercultural understanding.In the second part of the exchange, participant will present and discuss about present situation in voluntary work on their national level. Trough presentation and discussion, participants will gain knowledge about the development of voluntarism in other countries, compare experiences, and exchange good practise examples. In the third part, participants will discuss about the future of voluntary work and create suggestions for innovative approaches, methodologies and tools for the improvement of Local voluntary services, and create new initiatives and activities.



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