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What about Silence?
Date du début: 4 août 2015, Date de fin: 3 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "What about Silence" is a multilateral youth exchange project which deals with the topics health, the environment and society. The idea for the exchange arose in 2014 during the youth exchange "In & Out" in Spain. The host of the exchange is Germany. The guest countries are Italy, Hungary and France with 7 participants each. The groups consist of 16 to 20 years old participants, equally women and men, from the most diverse social and cultural backgrounds. One youngster with mental disabilities (autism) will also be among the participants, as well as teenagers from disadvantaged social backgrounds. First of all, in correspondence to the challenges of modern Europe, social standards, work pressure and perceived stress will be the central themes. The participants will engage in a mutual exchange of experience and methods as well as, supported by professionals, in the confrontation with the self. This will be done in diverse, also interculturally diverse, ways: a healthy diet, methods of physical and mental health maintenance, discovery of nature as a source of strength. The interaction between the individual’s health, the environment and society, in which one moves, will be thematized, as well as the possibilities of a contribution to a united Europe. Thus, after the focus lay on Europe's social challenges for the participants at the beginning, the exchange will close with the awareness that each and everyone can in turn act on a social and European level. The young people will be encouraged to creatively take part in the shaping of the exchange and its activities. By participating in a local project, in the field of nature and the environment, the participants will also learn the meaning of sustainability through their own work. We expect that this project will strengthen the participants’ personalities and thus enable them to better respond to everyday problems and stress. This will be accomplished by the promotion of self and social skills. Through the involvement in local projects we not only achieve a positive effect on the participants, who are expected to act as multipliers themselves, but also raise awareness and contribute to the acceptance of international projects in the area. Simultaneously, we also help to increase tolerance and fight racism at a local and intercultural level.



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