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Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is for 53 students attending The last years of Itsos specialization courses: • n. 4 students of Chemistry, and bio-technologies • n. 6 students of Business, Finance and Marketing • n. 6 students of Human Sciences • n. 2 students of Electronics and electrotecnologies • n. 31 students of Modern Languages TRAINING NEEDS AND CONTEXT The training needs this transnational mobility project wants to meet, are connected to the development of the students' competences in different professional sectors of their specializations; such competences are to be certified by means of related competence certifications issued by external awarding bodies. This is in tune with the demands from the European context where the competence is to be intended as a result of knowledge, skills/aptitudes acquired in a real working context on the basis of measurable outcomes. To promote the students' competences the school has to operate on different levels: - the aquisition of skills that can be certified by external bodies - the improvement of the students' aptitudes and of their personal, social, and methodological skills. - the insertion in a real environment outside school in which students can operate and where the results can be observed and measured. While the school can provide knowledge and abilities by curricula, it needs to offer a non formal learning environment where competences can be acquired. AIMS AND EXPECTED OUTCOMES The project aims to place the students in France, Ireland and Germany for three weeks (Sept./Oct) to increase their Knowledge, strenghten their skills, and make them ready to sit in for certification exams related to their own professional profiles. The certifications chosen are as follows: - It Essentials for Informatics 'students (CISCO) - ECDL Smart for Chemistry - Electronics Students . Business Students and for those informatics students who have already got CISCO Certification (AICA) - Trinity Exam for Human Sciences students and for the language students involved in placements in Eire (London Trinity Certification - Goethe - Zertificat for Modern Languages students involved in placements in Germany (Goethe Institut) - DELF- for the Language students involved in placements in France (Centre Culturel Francais) Even if the training results acquired have a clear impact on students' professional profiles they are also likely to benefit the students as far as the following dimensions are concerned: TRAINING DIMENSION in order to help the students get self confidence in a wide transnational net of relationships. CAREER GUIDANCE DIMENSION to make students focus on their skills, wishes and interests. PROFESSIONAL DIMENSION to acquire professional and technical Skills (IT) LANGUAGE DIMENSION to empower their communicative skills developed in an authentic language context. Prep-modules (All E) which integrate traditional teaching with a digital one, will be used to create personalized and diversified learning. Of course, the certified results of the experience will make the participants' insertion in the world of work easier and may reduce the unemployement risks. As concerns the organizations involved the positive achievements of the project will highlight their profiles.



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