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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/Background of the project: We wrote this project to underline gun based crimes and their pshycological background. We wanted to question why people need guns and what for they are using it. What controls being made before some person can get legally a gun and if they are enough in the point of view of the youth. Our main reason was questioning how to reduce guns from society and if fighting with crime by guns successfull or not. We were hearing and still hear many sad news about terror and gun related crimes everyday. Charlie Hebdo, The Norway incident, London bombings were our target to question during the project. Objectives: 1) Creating a multi/intercultural workspace to debate 2) Seeing point of view of the youth towards guns 3) Creating an English-Speaking-Environment to improve ability to use English. 4) Being able to defending opposite ideas to gain emphaty 5) Fighting with discrimination of gender,nation and religion Number and Type/profile of participants: 32 participants (project implemented with 29) from Turkey,Bulgaria,Romania and Italy. Between 18-30 years old except leaders. Who is actively thinking about the problems of the Europe and also world. We wanted to create a debate platform to be able to improve ourselves more and use informal learning methods efficiently. Description of Undertaken Activities: • Energizers which organized every day to raise the energy levels and motivations of participants • Games which played at the first day for participants to meet and harmonize with each other • Presentations by Turkish team to inform participants about Erasmus+ Programme and the project • House Rules activity which determined the rules of the projects and be done by all participants to raise the quality of the project and the harmony among participant • Workshop which done by mixed groups of participants to answer the questions like ""Is Individual Armament a Right?"" ""Weapons-Crime Relation"", ""How to Fight against Crimes?"" • Data evaluations to determine the profits of the workshops • Old Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Anitkabir visits to show the culture and the city • A documentary, which is decided by all the partner organizations, presented. • Evaluations to determine the situation of the project • Cultural evenings to develop the intercultural relations • A game named “Konusan Kelimeler”, in which participants will express their thoughts about weapons-psychology relation with a single word • A game named “EuroTrain” to prevent the prejudgment fact of people • A debate that we divided participants into two groups as opponents and proponents of individual armament • Presentations to show the evil sides of terror over the Norway attacks and other terrorist attacks • A survey conducted to all participants to observe their satisfaction about project • A movie was showed to participants and after that their thought about the movie was asked • A city tour game, in which participants saw the city and at the same time fulfill the duties they've been given • Informations about YouthPass and EuroCV • A game named “Heroes and Heroines” for participants to tell their heroes and heroines Results and Impact Attained: We clearly observed that almost all of the group is against gun owning rights. They feel the gun owning is not bringing safety. The legalisation of guns isn't preventing against crimes it also brings more crime,violence and terror to the society. The intercultural workspace that created by us helped people to see people and observe their traditional way of living. We fear what we don't see/know making this kind of activities is helping us to fight with ""unseen devil"" among societies. We implemented our project in a friendly atmosphere and all of the participants took joy and the topic of the project back their homes. We are wishing to implement projects against crime with them in their countries so we can reach more people in the topic of project. Longer-term Benefits: 1) Knowledge about Erasmus+ programme 2) Obervation of the results related to gun related crimes will help our participants not to choose guns to fight against guns. 3) Eurocv and Youthpass benefits 4) Presenting and defending the idea 5) Teamwork 6) Intercultural learning/working 7) Breaking the language barriers by using vocabulary for the target person/group. 8) Cultural,Religious Understanding



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