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Date du début: 1 avr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“#Welcome” is a EVS long term Project taking place in Vicenza, an Italian city in Venice area. It foresees that six young people - two Spanish, one French, one Portuguese, one Macedonian and one Slovakian - spent 12 months volunteering in Social Cooperative Insieme, in Social Cooperative Tangram and in Social Cooperative Città Solidale (that will be all hosting organisations), which daily deal with environmental and social issues, promoting with their work social inclusion and European citizenship awareness. Then, the Project involves Insieme as Project coordinator and hosting organisation, Tangram (Italy, hosting organisation), Città Solidale (Italy, hosting organisation), Ayuntamiento De Alaquàs (Spain, sending organisation), Concordia Rhône-Alpes (France, sending organisation), ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil (Portugal, sending organisation), ALDA Skopje (Macedonia, sending organisation) and Mladiinfo Slovensko (Slovakia, sending organisation) as Partners. The Project aims at strengthening and further improving the hosting activities of Insieme, Tangram and Città Solidale putting together their networks, their initiatives and competences, in order to better exchange approaches, methods, knowledge and culture with European youth; the final aim being enrich the hosting organisations culture, providing new opportunities also addressed to the local community. The activities proposed to the volunteers concern the following areas: - service in the live-in community for minors given in custody to social services; - sensitisation, educational and training sessions, also using job as educational channel with disadvantaged target groups; - service in Insieme “social bar” and kitchen; - support in reconditioning activities; support in promotional activities of Insieme; support in the activities linked to youth projects; - service in the educative live-in community hosting people with light disabilities; - service in the supportive live-in communities hosting people with more serious disabilities; - support during the organisation of events and initiatives linked to the issues promoted (environment, recycle, sustainable development, critical consumption, de-growth, social inclusion, volunteering, rights of people with special needs, etc.).



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