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Weiterentwicklung des dualen Ausbildungssystems im Kontext europäischer Ausbildungsysteme
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SummaryOur project backgroundThe project for educational experts „Further development of the Dual Apprenticeship System in the context of European educational systems in the Dortmund area“ is the third component in the field of „internationalisation“ of vocational training respectively vocational education at the Leopold-Hoesch-Berufskolleg. During the last years mobility projects for apprentices and school partnership projects have been carried out intensively and successfully. With the help of these projects we aim at strengthening the process of internationalisation of the vocational personnel within the Dual Apprenticeship System. Our aims of the project: The project wants to strengthen the internationalisation in the field of the Dual Appreticeship Sytem for so called “mulitplicators” (staff who have the opportunity to spread information to a lot of people), meaning trainers, masters, vocational school teachers, personnel leaders. It is the aim to analyse the Dual Apprenticeship System in Germany within the context of other European educational systems, to evaluate and to reflect it and to integrate improvements. A further aim is to achieve an acknowledgement of vocational/professional performance in other educational systems in order to gain a greater acceptance in the enrolment and employment of apprentices and students from other European countries. Number and profile of the participants:The profile of the participants comprises apprentices, masters, leaders of education and training, vocational school teachers up to employees in companies. All participants are experts in the field of the Dual Apprenticeship System in and around Dortmund and are closely connected with the Leopold-Hoesch-Berufskolleg. 41 participants take part in the project. The project partners are situated in England, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Norway and Turkey. Description of the activities:In this project there are three modules of activities:1. Analysis, comparison and evaluation of curricula for practical and theoretical teaching in the fields of metal technology, automotive mechatronics internationally. The activities are: - Visiting educational centres of vocational training- Visiting companies with work placements or companies which offer apprenticeships within the group of our project partners- Forum discussions for information with all leading authorities about the framework of the Dual Apprenticeship System in the countries of our project partners- Compiling a full documentation2. Active Information about teaching realisation and teaching development through sitting in on classes, team teaching and job shadowing. These activities are: - Cooperation in teaching development with teachers and trainers at the location of a project partner- Active participation in teaching situations practically and theoretically- Initiation and active participation in information events and forums- Compiling a full documentation3. Analysis, comparison and evaluation of final exams in the field of metal technology and automotive mechatronics internationallyThe activities are: - Information forums and discussions with exam commissions at the location of the project partner- Visiting companies and schools in order to analyse final exams, to compare them and evaluate them- Compiling a full documentationProcess of the realisation of the project:The preparation, realisation and post-reflection of the three main subject matters will be carried out with the “Beauftragter für Auslandsprojekte” (Commissioner for International Projects), Mr Maas, in cooperation with all participants.The project will have a positive impact on the participants because trainers, vocational school teachers, exam commission members, principals and headmasters and personnel leaders work conjointly on a common subject matter and will become more open minded towards European projects. The joint action is the realisation of a European project in vocational education. This strengthens the communal spirit and vitalizes the cooperation between the individual institutions within vocational education and training in Dortmund. The education and training of young people is top priority. Discourse about the right ways to an effective education can be a small contribution to solving the problem of youth unemployment.



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