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"WeGrow Leaders for Europe"
Date du début: 30 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 29 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is suited for youth (18 to 25 years), who need help while figuring out what to choose in life. During this project, the participants will gain knowledge about the job market, the most concerning questions will be answered; they will learn how to become a leader and how to reach the heights of the career. The main point of this project is to help young people choose the right direction; provide guidelines how to position themselves in job market. Youth struggles to find jobs, because of lacks information on it or doesn’t know how to find it, we will provide it and motivate to be more active. There will be - n- participants, from different social groups and different experiences – from students to people who already have decent jobs. There will also be gender equality, so the number of female and male participants will be about/the same. Not only project supervisors, but also all of the members will share life experiences with each other, because everyone will have different backgrounds and stories to tell. There will be at least three qualified project supervisors, from Kaunas University of Technology Student Agency, from which everyone will have experience in being leaders. The project will contain certified methods, games and challenges. Methodical part of the project was designed while being advised by professionals of this field. During the project the participants will improve their self-confidence they will also learn how to work in teams and individually. We will teach how to contain stress, avoid disputes, how to deal with problems that arise and how to choose the right decision. After the project the participants will be able to grasp almost any questions that may occur and provide support. Not only personal features but also the main perception of a leader will be developed. Target of the project is to give enough information and experience for every participant to be able to become at least a leader of their surrounding groups and to teach others how to become one. We will try to make long lasting bonds between the participants and the project organizers, follow their progress and help them on the way with any questions they may encounter. Project will motivate people to keep going, never give up on their goals and help others to develop their skills in leadership. We hope that participants will spread the word about the project and main idea of leadership in their countries and help the community to become more global and improve.



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