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Date du début: 25 mai 2013,

The title of this project 'We Curate'(WeCu) refers to the search for the changing role of art organizations in society. We believe that new concepts of citizenship urge us to redefine this relationship and develop new tools for participation to interact with local citizens in our daily practice. During this project our consortium want's to exchange our knowledge of existing forms of audience engagement, absorb new working practices developed by our associated partners, and implement our findings in a traveling exhibition. With a concluding symposium at Leiden University we will feedback our experience to a scientific community and museum professionals. The outputs of the project WeCu will enable our organizations to provide people with the tools to both critically assess and shape culture. The participating organizations – Leiden University (NL), Framer Framed (NL), Layers in the Arts / Freies Museum (DE), Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina (IT), Mediations Biennale (PL) and SPACE (SI) – all share the vision that a democratic society needs culturally articulated citizens who in all their diversity feel part of and be able to create culture. We Curate aims to:1. Stimulate institutional reform through dialogue and participation. All parties are embarked on this project to exchange and implement each others knowledge and practices in the field of audience engagement.2. Provide people with the tools to critically assess and shape their personal future and cultures. 3. Curate an exhibition that reflects on European citizenship from different local perspectives and implements deliberative techniques, new forms of participatory democracy and audience engagement.4. Create intercultural dialogue through an exchange program, traveling exhibition, symposiums and website/social media.5. Will feedback the acquired experience to a community of scholars and museum professionals with a concluding symposium at Leiden University.



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