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WEB to Energy (W2E)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2010, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The unbundling of the energy market requires new business models and new integrating technologies to optimize the economy of the whole value chain. To realize the Europe-wide electricity network of the future, a crucial ingredient is an open, universally accessible and standardized ICT communication infrastructure. All market participants shall be provided with required information without discrimination.The project WEB to Energy (W2E) aims to develop this open, universally accessible and standardized ICT communication infrastructure. The key idea is the consistent, homogeneous and uniform application of globally accepted IEC standards, specifically for Communication protocols (IEC 61850), ICT network security (IEC TS 62351) and Database management using CIM (IEC 61968). The W2E project develops the interfaces between all three levels and in this way opens "plug and play" and interoperability capabilities. W2E thus provides a seamless approach to standardisation from the process level, through the ICT infrastructure up to the control centre level.Field tests will provide and demonstrate the 3 pillars:1. Customer integration: improved efficiency of energy production, to achieve energy savings and reduce peak power demand, for lower system costs and improved embedding of renewable energy resources2. Active distribution networks: flexible and reconfigurable aggregation and management of distributed secure and unsecure (fluctuating) power sources, storage and controllable loads in virtual power plants, to reach an optimum combination of environmental protection and economical value3. Self-healing capabilities for the distribution networks based on ICT-enabled response and thus automated fault elimination in MV feeders to increase the reliability of supplyResults will be brought into IEC standardization. Industrial companies in W2E will commercialise the results, including deployment in their whole supply area.



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