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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the project is to promote participation and active citizenship of all children and young people, particularly those with fewer opportunities (specifically, the children of immigrants or ethnic minorities, religious or linguistic), while increasing solidarity among young people, greater intercultural dialogue within the local communities of the Province of Vicenza, thanks to the presence of 6 EUROPEAN VOLUNTEERS that through this learning experience, will, in line with the overall objectives of Erasmus +, acquire key competences, a new language and a greater awareness of their being active European citizens and advocates for social change through the use of the tools offered by Web 2.0. The volunteers, from Romania, Germany and Spain are welcomed for 10 months in 4 host organizations of the Province of Vicenza engaged in activities to promote social inclusion of all young people and will be involved in follow-up and support of youngsters with social and family problems, homeless young people or immigrants, engaging in a social communication supported by the web aimed at promoting the values of the European Union. The method of work will be involved both in the cooperation between the partners for the implementation of activities of the volunteers, who will be able to realize a personal project based on their abilities and interests. It will be appreciated the size of the group as an element of peer support between volunteers and the organization of common growth of a common training Welcome (Welcome training) and a transverse project aimed at creating a community of practice composed of European volunteers and young people of the territory (even with fewer opportunities) for making videos of DIGITAL sTORYTELLING, autobiographical video of young second generation as protagonists, which will be disseminated through the tools of web2.0. The project will have a positive impact in terms of sharing of knowledge, learning, practice and motivation on the volunteers, organizations and partners on young people with fewer opportunities involved, creating synergy, network, opportunities to meet and further strategic partnerships to build an integrated system inclusion at European level and facilitate access to the participation of young people with fewer opportunities. The title of the project WEB OF CHANGE, aims to highlight how the web can become a tool for the promotion of social change, to combat racism, socialization, diffusion of opportunities for participation and active citizenship and a long-term perspective to improve youth policy that they see more and more young people active protagonists of their territory and more and more aware of their being European citizens united by common values of dignity, freedom, democracy.


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